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Are you looking for housing in Mexico or Colombia? this real estate accepts payments in bitcoin

La Haus, a real estate company that operates in Mexico and Colombia, announced that it will accept payments in bitcoin (BTC) when buying and selling homes through its application. The processing of operations will be carried out through the payment processor OpenNode.

Through a press release, the firm reported that it decided to accept payments in BTC since its clients have asked it to make this move. So now the company that operates in 10 cities in Colombia and Mexico, expect bitcoin to become the main medium used in transactions to facilitate your digital real estate sales.

“There is certainly a demand, and bitcoin offers some benefits that are important to the real estate market in particular, such as transparency and the recording of transactions,” reads the release released by the firm.

Through the La Haus platform it is possible to buy or sell real estate digitally and complete transactions completely online. The company identifies itself as “a pioneer in the use of technology to transform the real estate markets of Latin America, connecting to the open monetary network and accepting bitcoin through a fully integrated digital process.”

For now, they will begin to receive payments in bitcoin for a housing development in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Over time, they will accept BTC for the rest of their inventory of more than 80,000 properties, according to the company.

The firm is on track to provide more than $ 1 billion in annualized gross transaction value for December, according to the statement.

The La Haus platform integrates payments in BTC for the sale
household. Source:

Bitcoin, the best form of payment to buy real estate?

The president of La Haus, Rodrigo Sánchez Ríos said that as they expand through Latin America bitcoin may be a better solution than national currencies for the purchase of real estate.

As reported by CriptoNoticias Buying or selling a property with bitcoin seems to be a trend that is booming in Latin America. Many prefer it because it is carried out without the intermediation of third parties and, among other reasons, because it is completed without exchanging funds on fiat, avoiding banks, as is the case in Panama.

The purchase of houses with cryptocurrencies also grows in Venezuela, while Mercado Libre Argentina incorporates a section for the sale of real estate with bitcoin and in the same way it happens in Spain, where the Bit2Me firm has a specialized portal for the sale of real estate and vehicles of luxury with BTC.

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