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Are you looking for pajamas for this winter? 6 quality/price recommendations

Pajamas are one of the main reasons many of us love Sundays. Whether it’s to sleep, spend the day lying down watching series or movies, or simply because we like to be comfortable in our own home.

And it is that most of us go to shot made: we look for a pajamas, we find any that satisfies us minimally. Although on many occasions this technique may be valid, the truth is that it does not hurt to look in detail at what this clothing can bring us.

Obviously, pajamas for winter are not the same as for summer, just as size is not trivial. Even some people who sleep without it, use it to walk around the house and not wear street or dirty clothes.

Some details to consider

Now, what complication can searching for pajamas entail? Actually, none, but it does not hurt to look at some issues before buying any option that we find.

1.Material. In general, we can distinguish between three different fabrics depending on what we need: for summer, the ideal is cotton, since it is very breathable and fresh; for winter, their thing is to have flannel pajamas (if we are not going to turn on the heating often) since they retain heat really well and are soft; and, if we are looking for comfort and lightness, we can go to silk pajamas.

2. Size. Big? Small? The key, really, is comfort. We should not look for very tight pajamas or pajamas that do not give us absolute freedom of movement because they may not let the skin breathe well.

It is also not a good idea to get a very loose one, since it can be uncomfortable when moving around our house.

3. Design. It may seem silly, but the design of a pajama is really important. Some “additions” such as pockets, seams, etc., can be annoying during sleep.

And, although after the previous points it may be clear, it is necessary to emphasize: comfort must be prioritized over aesthetics.

Interesting models in relation quality/price

Milano Massana Knit Pajamas

Massana is a brand that, although the name may not ring a bell, is very veteran when it comes to pajamas.

This Punto Milano is a men’s long-sleeved pajama in basic colors (blue) with 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This makes it an ideal option to walk around the house comfortable without getting too cold.

MASSANA man for €53.90

Pajamas Cornette Massana

Another pajamas from Massana but, this time, for women. 100% cotton pajamas in different colors and round cut (no neckline).

In this case, these pajamas have ankle and arm adjusters, something that can be very comfortable to roll up our sleeves if we feel hot.

Cornette for €35.22-41.99

PimpamTex for men

A winter pajamas at a good price? The PimpamTex is a set with a 100% cotton shirt and 100% flannel pants, something that can be ideal for cold weather but without overwhelming us.

The design, meanwhile, has two pockets and a classic print.

Flannel PimpamTex for €17.95

Schiesser Anzug Lang

A classic cut set with ankle and wrist adjusters and blue colors. Being made of 100% cotton, it ensures perspiration of the skin and is ideal for those who have very hot bedding.

Long-sleeved CityComfort

Loose-fitting pajamas for winter that are ideal for trips to the mountains or if, to save something on the bill, we want to avoid turning on the heating.

This pajama is a long-sleeved one that has a polyester fleece lining to ensure that we keep warm.

GaeShow pajamas

But maybe we’re looking for a little dressier pajamas – whether for a special night out or because we like to have a certain glamor in our house-; this GaeShow option is ideal for its design and materials.

It is a pajama that imitates dress shirts that has an elastic band at the waist and satin material on the outside, although it is made of polyester and spandex.

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