Saturday, December 4

Argentina is the country where health services increased the most

The variation in relative prices, in which devaluation played a predominant role, was divided before and after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this sense, until February 2020 the relative price of healthcare in Argentina was the one that increased the most (10%) and from that month until September of this year, it was the second country with the highest growth (2.9%), then Lithuania.

“The growth of a relative price implies that more and more units of other goods are required to continue buying the same unit of that good,” explained IARAF specialists.

When comparing the percentage with the nominal salary, it is deduced that each time a greater portion of the salary must be allocated to acquire the same health basket as before, indicated the economist Nadin Argañaraz, director of the IARAF.

Behind Argentina were Costa Rica (6.2%), Lithuania (5.8%), Brazil (5%) and Colombia (3.6%).

On the other hand, France registered a drop in the relative price of Health of 9.6%.

The five countries with the greatest fall were completed with Sweden (-7.7%), Belgium (-7.1%), Switzerland (-4.6%) and Luxembourg (-4.1%).

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