Tuesday, December 6

Argentina is the second country in the region that most demands investment visas for the United States

The visas to enter the United States are more than 100 and include categories such as tourism, work, study, special talents, transfer of executives and investment. In this last item the E2 and EB5 visa appear. In the case of EB5, the investment amount can be close to $ 900,000. According to Globofran, dedicated to the process of settlement and investment in the US, approximately 7% of the total EB5 visas granted to Latin Americans correspond to Argentines.

For the E2 visa, meanwhile, the amounts can represent a quarter of that value. This type of visa, which is granted to people from countries that have bilateral investment treaties with the United States -such as Argentina-, can be renewed unlimitedly if the investment remains active.


“These visas go beyond direct emigration,” says Jorge Partidas, CEO of Globofran. “The investor can live in Argentina, operate his business remotely and eventually move with his family to the United States whenever he wishes,” he explains.

In fact, half of the Argentines who consult are looking for “an alternative plan,” they explain in Globofran, while the rest are families seeking to emigrate and actively work in a business in the United States. In the consultations, the main reasons for emigrating are: “the future of the children”, “personal and legal security” and “professional future”.

The approval times for this type of visas can range from 6 to 9 months, from the moment the entire process begins until the final sealing, they explain from Globofran.

“The cities most chosen by Argentines are Miami, Orlando and Los Angeles, but they are looking at other destinations, such as Tampa, Austin and Houston,” develops Partidas.

“Argentines tend to bet on franchises when it comes to these types of visas. It should be borne in mind that there are more than 500 franchise businesses in the United States, of varied areas such as business services, health, beauty, gastronomy, maintenance and finances. 80% of Argentines bet on service franchises and 18% on gastronomic franchises ”, concludes Partidas.