Saturday, September 30

Argentine stocks climbed to 254% in 2021: which are the 10 most winners

“In scenarios of high fiscal uncertainty, with a loss of bond parity, stocks can become a store of value. That happened in 2021, where they were the second best investment after long bonds with CER adjustment”, they commented from Quinquela Fondos.

The year closes with a inflation rate that was higher than initial expectations and that beat the exchange rate by a large margin, generating a delay in the real exchange rate. BCRA interest rates remained stable throughout the year (38% that of the Leliq) and were clearly lower than the inflationary rhythm, that is, the economy returned to work with negative real rates, a situation that is compatible with the current exchange controls scheme, and with a high exchange rate gap.

Under this scenario, and sustained by the great performance of Wll Street and the rise in the CCL dollar, the S&P Merval index accumulated a rise of 65.5% in 2021, that is, it gained more than 14% in dollars (CCL).

2021 will be remembered as the elusive year for emerging markets, where capital flows were not tempted by asset valuations. “Argentina could not stand out at this inconsequential and investors exposed their disinterest in local assets, something that was reflected in the volume traded. Still, some selective stocks had good returns, while fixed income clearly had a deficit year, “highlighted an Inviu report.

Throughout all of 2021, the US was the main protagonist of the global rebound. The recovery in employment allowed the unemployment rate to end at 4.2% at the end of November, very close to its long-term structural unemployment value. In addition, families that had achieved significant excess savings during the worst of the pandemic, have strengthened their level of consumption and spending in the second half of the year.

This recovery was reflected in the main Wall Street indices, which closed the year with improvements of around 25%, and at all-time highs, with the highest performance differential compared to global equity in the last 20 years, added Inviu, who warned that valuations remain extremely demanding, opening investment opportunities in other markets and maximizing the sense of caution in 2022.

What were the winning Argentine stocks in 2021:

  • Comercial del Plata: + 166.7%

  • Garovaglio y Zorraquin: +152%

  • Camuzzi Gas Pampeana: + 126.8%

  • Ledesma: +126,7%

  • Transportadora de Gas del Norte: + 126.5%

Last wheel of the year

On the last day of the year, Argentine stocks and bonds closed higher due to a recomposition of their own portfolios at the end of the year, with investors betting on relevant news for the first quarter of 2022.

The stock market through its S&P Merval index advanced 0.9%, to 84,766.77 points, at the rate of ADRs in New York.

The Government is expected to close an agreement with the IMF before March for an impossible debt that amounts to about $ 45 billion. “Last wheel of the year and (…) the heads of investors are already set in the first months of 2022 and the evolution of the negotiations with the IMF”, They said from Portfolio Personal Inversiones (PPI).

Faced with the inactivity of Friday for New Years Eve, The blue dollar renewed its maximum intraday ceiling of $ 210, although it later deflated to $ 208, while the central bank (BCRA) regulated the wholesale market with its usual interventions: this Thursday it sold about $ 100 million.

In the fixed income segment, sovereign bonds in dollars closed mixed, with raises led by the Global 2038 (+ 1.5%), and drops led by Bonar 2030 (-1.5%).

The Country Risk of JP.Morgan bank it was down 0.1% to 1,697 basis points.

Economy Minister Martín Guzmán recently said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País that “It is necessary to obtain all the international consensus that is necessary to be able to have an agreement between both parties (…) The Argentine government has the full interest in closing an agreement (with the IMF) as quickly as possible.”