Tuesday, June 6

Argentine wines had record exports during 2021

Fractionated wines were the ones that generated the best results for local wineries, with 9.2% growth in volume and 15.8% in value, in addition to a great performance of sparkling wines with a rise of 44% in volume due to the recovery of the hotel and gastronomic channels at a global level. Meanwhile, the total export volume of wines in hectoliters fell by almost 15% compared to 2020 due to the decrease in bulk (due to lack of exportable supply), according to INV statistics.

The main export destinations for Argentine wine during 2021 were the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and the Netherlands, although in the annual comparison with 2020 there were substantial increases to markets such as Mexico, China, France, Switzerland and Paraguay. Among the main varietals exported, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay stand out.

Noteworthy are the actions carried out by the Embassy in the United Kingdom, which has been participating since 2011 in Malbec World Day, the global initiative created by Wines of Argentina and the Argentine Viticultural Corporation to position the MalbecArgentino brand on the international calendar. . It also does so through participation in the most important fairs in the sector, such as The International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show and the London Wine Fair. Last November, Argentina was present at the ProWine 2021 fair in Shanghai.

Also recently, the Argentine Foreign Ministry, through the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency (AAICI), developed the Salta 2025 Strategic Wine Plan together with Bodegas de Salta, the business chamber that brings together the province’s winemakers.

According to the Foreign Ministry, “based on measures aimed at improving and promoting foreign trade, such as Plan 1000 -aimed at strengthening the productive and export capacities of the wine value chain, through different tools such as financing, training and technical assistance -, the reduction and elimination of withholdings for SMEs and the duplication of export refunds, Argentine viticulture managed during 2021 to improve the good performance achieved in 2020”.