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Ariel Henry assumes the position of Prime Minister of Haiti and advocates for dialogue in the face of the country’s crisis



Ariel Henry has assumed the position of Prime Minister of Haiti on Tuesday and has advocated for dialogue between the different sectors of the country to reach a solution to the “multiform crisis” that is being experienced, a solution that highlights the holding elections.

The 71-year-old neurosurgeon has taken the reins of the country in the midst of the crisis after the assassination of the president Jovenel Moise, who appointed him to the position two days before his assassination, for which he did not take office and the former interim prime minister, Claude joseph, He was in charge of the Government until this Monday he presented his resignation.

In his inauguration speech at a ceremony in the capital, Port-au-Prince, Henry has described his new Government as a “consensus” team and has asserted that he is willing to face the situation in the country, something that he has indicated as a ” arduous and complicated task ». Likewise, and to achieve it, it has opted for the participation of all sectors, according to the Haitian media ‘Metropole’.

In this sense, he has indicated that in the next few days he will resume consultations with the different parties with the aim of reaching a consensus for a political agreement that will lead to the organization of elections with “mass participation”.

Priority issues

Thus, it has marked as priority issues the reactivation of the economy and the reestablishment of security in the country, which is mired in gang violence, especially in Port-au-Prince.

“I have accepted this mission with great humility and wisdom,” he said in his speech, in which he called for the “unity” of Haitians facing the aforementioned challenges and has clarified that although he does not intend to “impose a solution”, he sees “dialogue” as the main option for “conflict resolution”, collects ‘Gazette Haiti’.

“We must restore confidence, the authority of the state in all corners of the country,” he continued, adding that the institutions should thus resume their “normal operation.”

Homenaje a Moise

During his speech, Henry also paid tribute to Moise and stressed that he will continue working on research to find the perpetrators of his murder. “We must never go through another tragedy like this,” he added in this regard.

The inauguration ceremony of the new Government took place on the same day as an act of tribute to the president at the Museum of the National Pantheon of Haiti, which was attended by members of the outgoing and incoming Executive, as well as international authorities.

Haiti has thus lived a day of “meditation” and “mourning” for the death of Moise on Tuesday, whom the former prime minister, Claude josephIn the act, he referred to the “great projects” that he sought to achieve “for the common good of the country.”

“They killed Jovenel but they cannot kill ‘youth’. It’s an idea, courage, determination fight the oligarchs of this country ”, stressed Joseph, who after resigning as interim prime minister remains in the new government as head of the Foreign Relations portfolio.

In total, the new Executive of Haiti is made up of 18 ministers, three from the old cabinet, which are Rockefeller Vincent, as Minister of Justice and Public Safety; Patrick Boisvert, as Minister of the Economy; and Marie Greta Roy Clément, as Minister of Health.

Among the new faces are Liszt Quitel, in charge of the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities, and Enold Joseph, who heads the Ministry of Defense, among others.

Henry’s Government has received the support from the international community with a view to holding the general elections scheduled for September 26, until he has to lead a polarized, impoverished country and in one of its most difficult and violent moments.

USA salutes the new government

After the inauguration ceremony, USA he wanted to thank “the efforts of the political leaders of Haiti to join in the election of a prime minister and a cabinet” after the assassination of Moise.

“The formation of this interim government is a positive and necessary step to respond to the needs of the Haitian people and begin to restore the democratic institutions of Haiti,” said the Secretary of State, Antony Blink, it’s a statement.

Likewise, it has reiterated its commitment to “support” the investigation of the assassination and has reported that it will carry out joint work “with the Haitian Police to promote security and the rule of law.”

In charge of solving the problems

Before his death, Moise, who ruled by decree for more than a year in the absence of an elected parliament, tasked the new first prime minister with “solving the flagrant problem of insecurity and support the Electoral Council for the holding of the general elections and the referendum ”.

Initially, a referendum had been called in April to reform the Constitution, but the uncertainty led to a first postponement to June and, later, until June. September 26, coinciding with the first round of the legislative and presidential elections. The elections to renew local administrations will take place in principle in January 2022.

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