Thursday, July 29

Arnold Schwarzenegger also wants you to eat less meat: “We will save the climate and the world”

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man committed to the environment and the fight against climate change. The protagonist of ‘Terminator’ published a video a few days ago in which he gives the keys to be a “climate action hero”. One of them is precisely the one proposed last week by the Spanish Consumer Minister Alberto Garzón and which provoked a heated debate both in bar gatherings and in the usual political row, but also within the Government itself: eat less meat.

In his video for the ‘Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative’, published by Brut America, the politician and actor sends a clear message, “eat less meat.” “I’m not telling you not to eat meat, because then you would never be able to eat a schnitzel – a typical dish from Austria, where it was born -. That’s impossible! We can’t do that but we can eat less. Maybe we can stop eating. meat two days a week, “explains Scwarcenegger.

In the message, in which he indicates that each one is “part of the solution and part of the problem” in the face of the climate crisis, the former governor of California points out two more actions that citizens can incorporate into their day-to-day lives. One is not to use plastic – “forget about plastic” -. Another, buy local products. “When you buy products from abroad, they come in cargo ships. The fifteen largest cargo ships are the biggest polluters: they pollute more than all the cars in the world combined,” he says.

With these three actions, Schwarzenegger is convinced that anyone can become a climate action hero. “We will save the climate and we will save the world,” he says in a final statement in which he directly asks citizens to trust him.

During his tenure as governor of California, between 2003 and 2011, the actor-turned-politician approved several initiatives to fight climate change, such as the Global Warming Solutions Act to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020; the low-carbon fuel standard, which Obama took as a benchmark for the national; or the ‘Million Solar Roofs’ initiative, to promote the installation of solar panels in homes and commercial buildings.

At the end of June, Schwarzenegger traveled to Austria to participate in the fifth edition of the summit against climate change ‘Austrian World Summit’, which brought together politicians, businessmen and activists from around the world, including Greta Thungber, in Vienna. The young woman and the actor are already regular allies, since in 2019 they joined in the third edition of this summit to denounce the passivity of politicians and call on citizens to react and be the ones who lead the fight against the climate crisis .

In Spain, the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, starred in a campaign last week in which he asked citizens the same as ‘Terminator’: “This video is not to scold anyone, but to reflect before the the problem is chronic, “he explained. The video tried to make citizens aware of the harmful effects of high consumption of meat on health and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by intensive farming, two points that have a broad scientific consensus.

But the campaign provoked an angry reaction both within the livestock sector, which saw it as an attack, and within the Government itself, with the minister of the sector, Luis Planas, classifying it as “unfair” and the president of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, disavowing Garzón because “a steak to the point … that’s unbeatable.” And this despite the fact that who recommends a “moderate consumption” of red and processed meat to reduce the risk of health problems and the Spanish Agency for Consumption, Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) recommend two to three servings per week.

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