Monday, June 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in car accident in Los Angeles

The actor Arnold Schwarzenegger He was unharmed after starring in a four vehicle accident Friday night in the city The Angels, in United States.

In accordance with TMZ, the incident took place on Sunset Blvd. and Allenford Ave. a few miles from the home of the former governor of California, who was aboard a GMC Yukon that collided with a red Prius and later tipped over and rolled into a Porsche Cayenne. Producer and actor Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld was also reported present at the scene.

“He’s fine. His only concern right now is for the woman who was injured.”, a representative told the magazine People, because a person who was driving had injuries, so he was transported to a hospital with a head injury.

Although the interpreter in Terminator, Commando Y Predator He was not seriously injured the accident was like one of his action movies. The Los Angeles Police Department issued a statement upon arrival at the scene, considering that no alcoholic beverages were involved, even if they believe the actor took a left turn when the sign was red.

“When officers from the West Los Angeles area arrived on scene, it was determined that four vehicles were involved,” authorities said.

Some days ago, Schwarzenegger officially divorced Maria Shriver in the Superior Court after being separated for more than ten years, since 2011, when the former politician agreed to have had a child with his then housekeeper. After the scandal, they reached an agreement to divide the fortune they have shared since their marriage in 1986 in equal parts. The figure is estimated to be $400 million.