Wednesday, February 21

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s message to his Russian friends: “Your government has lied to you”

A message has more effect if it is conveyed by a familiar face. And among the Russian soldiers surely many know Arnold Schwarzenegger. They and the rest of the Russian citizens are addressed in a video recorded by the American actor of Austrian origin in which he accuses “the men sitting in the Kremlin” of starting the war against Ukraine and of lying to the Russians and, especially, To the soldiers. It is not the first time that the Hollywood star has expressed his support for the Ukrainians and his dismay at the war.

Today’s recording lasts almost 10 minutes and is being broadcast on all the social networks of the former governor of California. Sitting in his office, surrounded by memories of his life, the video begins with an anecdote from Schwarzenegger’s childhood: when at the age of 14 he met athlete Yuri Petrovich Vlasov, “the first human being to lift 200 kilos above his head ”. There he began his admiration for bodybuilding and for Russia, a country, he says, that he has visited frequently during his film career.

The actor recalls the filming of ‘Danko: Red Heat’, “it was the first American film authorized to be filmed in Moscow’s Red Square.” After praising the Russian people, Schwarzenegger asks them to listen to him and tells them that there are such bad times, such wrong ones, in which there is no choice “but to raise your voice.”

The actor then proceeds to undo the hoaxes spread by the Kremlin, starting with the idea that the Russian invasion seeks to ‘denazify’ Ukraine. “It’s not true,” says Schwarzenegger, and he recalls that Ukraine “is a country with a Jewish president whose three paternal uncles were murdered by the Nazis.”

In the video, images of bombings and events related to the conflict illustrate his words: “Ukraine did not start this war. Neither the nationalists nor the Nazis. Those who rule in the Kremlin started this war.”

After recalling the international rejection of the Russian aggression, the unprecedented sanctions imposed against that country and the suffering of both civilians and soldiers, as well as the Russian soldiers sent to fight – in his opinion – deceived, the actor expresses his admiration for the anti-Putin citizens who have opposed the war: “We know you have paid for your bravery.”

Finally, Schwarzenegger reproaches the Russian rulers for waging this war out of sheer ambition and asks citizens to help their compatriots learn about “the human catastrophe that is taking place in Ukraine.” He finally sends these words “to President Putin”: “You started this war. You are running this war. You can stop this war.”