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Arobi’s extraordinary adventure, a children’s book that brings science closer to home in a fun way

Yes, definitely, Arobi’s extraordinary adventure It will excite your children, nephews or grandchildren, especially if they are girls. Why?

Well, first, because it concentrates all the ingredients that a children’s book should include: a protagonist who plays, in this case, Arobi, a girl inventor passionate about science; a co-star who accompanies her as Sancho to Don Quixote on his adventures; an enemy that readers dislike because he can do a lot of harm to humanity, read the multinational technology company Cronofex; a few dangers to save with the help of other characters and, of course, a lot of humor.

Second, because it is a very easy to read book, with beautiful illustrations that serve, among other things, to show children what they need to have to imitate the construction steps and how the inventions that little Arobi is pulling out of her ingenious head look. to solve situations or do magic with science throughout the plot.

Third, the kids are going to be hooked on this plot because, after building his robot Miguelito to present it to the owner of the company he admires the most on his school excursion, Arobi finds himself immersed in a colossal feat with temporary trips, intelligent machinery, Abandoned robots, giant ants, robot wasps, lands ravaged by human hand.

Fourth, in her adventure, the little inventor will discover the value of friendship, how interesting travel, other cultures and other languages ​​are; as well as the worth of many women scientists ignored by history, who serve as role models for other girls, to the point that Arobi becomes a heroine determined to save the planet from an evil threat, setting an example of bravery and intelligence. .

And fifth, but not least, it is very likely that your descendants fall in love with science and are encouraged by mathematics, which is the fundamental basis to become Nobel scientists, as little Arobi dreams.

Much more to learn

They may even be encouraged to read another children’s book like Martin the Scientist, which is another of the publications of The Science of Jaun. It is a portal specialized in science and technology, with a number of posts, applications, scientific ephemeris, experiments, stories and explanations focused on its educational use and to be enjoyed as a family.

In his blog, a multitude of articles are collected aimed at awakening the curiosity of children and adults about these subjects with a pedagogical and fun perspective, such as handicraft proposals, very easy to understand and emulate without risk, always with supervision of an adult, of course.

They even already have a store with educational technological articles that will help parents and teachers to deepen their particular vision of science and technology. Right there you can order Arobi’s extraordinary adventure, edited by Lantia publishing house, following ideas, coordination, writings and sketches by Eneko Huarte-Mendicoa.

Which explains that his intention when he devised this story was for his children to become interested in science and technology through childhood adventures that could catch them: “basically, as I did not find any book that contained adventure, science, experiments and humor , I decided that I wanted to create the book that I would like my children to read ”.

The colorful cover and the black and white illustrations are by Martín Melogno and the color illustrations by Daniel Naranjo. For its part, the illustrations of the experiments are in charge of Andrea (Kokoan). That is to say, a whole teamwork that gives the project a very good quality, so that the boys and girls do not want to give it up and have a lot of desire to do all the experiments and, above all, to learn more about science.

The author recommends that future scientists “ask, test, read, observe and have fun.” And, to the parents, “that they learn together with their children and with their curiosity in a lighthearted and humorous way. Having fun learning among young and old is a good way for curiosity to become knowledge “, concludes Eneko Huarte-Mendicoa.

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