Saturday, October 1

Arrested a businessman denounced for having his employees with 12-hour days, almost no days off and without registering

The National Police has arrested a 56-year-old man for various crimes against the rights of workers in establishments in Manacor and Llevant de Mallorca.

As reported by the Headquarters in a press release, the man allegedly offered beneficial conditions with accommodation and meals, but some workers found themselves with heavy workloads, unpaid payroll and irregularities regarding Social Security.

The investigation began when several complaints were received against the now arrested by some workers.

According to the agents, the man, to convince future employees, offered them very beneficial working conditions such as high salaries, accommodation and meals, registration with Social Security and the corresponding days off.

However, when they started working, the workers found that nothing of what was promised was fulfilled. Thus, as they have indicated, the days reached 12 hours, almost without days off and without registration in Social Security.

The employees have also reported to the National Police that, if they refused to continue in these conditions, they were reprimanded or fired. In some cases, they had nowhere to sleep because they were staying in the same building as one of the restaurants.

In addition, some of the workers have claimed to have suffered insults, shaking and violent attitudes.

According to police information, one of the workers worked a 14-hour day and had to serve food to the rest of the employees and clean the boss’s floor.

In addition, she also suffered harassment from her employer, who fired her without having been paid or registered with Social Security.

Another of the workers, faced with this situation, chose one day not to go to work. The boss then broke down the door to his room and forced him to join his post.

According to the agents, another worker who demanded payment of her payroll was told that she was the one who owed money since she had received room and board.

The agents of the Operational Subgroup of Foreigners have verified that the now arrested person was looking for profiles of people in a vulnerable situation who could not refuse the conditions.

On the other hand, during the investigation, the agents found out that the detainee had been denounced by an art gallery for the misappropriation of a series of paintings whose value amounted to 10,000 euros.

In this case, with the appearance that he was going to buy them, when he had them in his possession he never made the payment to their owners.

In the registration of the establishments run by the individual, in addition to documentation, they managed to recover the paintings.