Sunday, December 5

Arrested for gender violence Ignacio Magaña, PSOE councilor in Zaragoza City Council

Agents of the National Police have arrested Ignacio Magaña Sierra, councilor of the socialist municipal group in the Zaragoza City Council, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence, when he was denounced by his wife.

As confirmed by sources from the Higher Police Headquarters of Aragon, the mayor has been arrested this Saturday afternoon and is still waiting to be brought to justice.

Apparently, there was a struggle in the course of which the 42-year-old councilor threatened his wife, physically assaulted her and even wielded a knife that brought him close to her body.

The arrest of the Zaragoza mayor was recorded on Saturday afternoon, according to sources from the Higher Headquarters of Justice of Aragon. The wife was reportedly injured in one hand and one foot.

In the municipal group of the Socialist Party they have pointed out that the matter has been put in the hands of the leadership of the formation. They have indicated that the presumption of innocence must be respected but that, if the facts are verified, disciplinary measures will be taken.

Reactions in the opposition

The deputy mayor and municipal councilor for Culture and External Projection of the Zaragoza City Council, Sara Fernández, has demanded that the socialist municipal group react in some way to the news of the arrest this Saturday of one of its councilors, Ignacio Magaña, as allegedly responsible for a crime of gender violence.

Fernández, who has attended this Sunday together with other representatives of the Consistory of Cs, PP and VOX to the concentration in defense of democracy in Cuba, in the Plaza de España in Zaragoza, has assured that neither as a political party nor as members of the City Council they have more news about the event.

“I can understand that the PSOE is waiting to collect data but a few hours have passed and I would like there to have been some kind of reaction from the Socialist Party,” he acknowledged, while pointing out that gender violence it is “a very delicate issue, a scourge that does not understand ideologies” and the political parties and institutions “have to be exemplary in this regard and take some reactions,” he added.

In this line, the spokesperson of the municipal group of the PP in the City of Zaragoza, María Navarro, has spoken, who has considered that “many hours” have passed since the media has known the arrest of Magaña by some ” alleged “facts.

“We have always been forceful against gender violence and, therefore, we ask the Socialist Party to urgently give statements regarding the alleged events,” he reiterated.

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