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Arrested for using El Corte Inglés and MediaMarkt sales computers to remotely mine cryptocurrencies

The Mossos de Tarragona have arrested a couple for introducing malware into other people’s computers and using them to mine cryptocurrencies from a distance. The funny thing is that these computers were shopping center sales terminals, specifically a MediaMarkt and an El Corte Inglés.

The operation describes it The vanguard and it is explained that the security cameras detected the couple visiting a MediaMarkt up to three times to install various mining programs on the sales computers of these shopping centers. The workers at the centers did not detect anything initially, since mining was carried out in the background, but up to 22 computers were used to mine cryptocurrencies.

A pioneering intrusion into the sales computers of the two stores

The sales terminals of these two shops are usually relatively accessible to customers, since in many cases only a counter and the security of the computer separates them from being used by people outside the company. In the past, both MediaMarkt and El Corte Inglés have seen that their computers were attacked or used improperly, but according to the security officers of the two businesses, this is the first time they detect that their computers are used to mine cryptocurrencies.

The fraud was detected in the MediaMarkt de Gavarres, in Tarragona. Some computers despite being new began to fail and the fans were making an unusual sound despite the power of the computer. It was then that computer technicians checked these drives and saw that they had been tampered with.

Once the problem was detected, it was reported to the Mossos and the security cameras were checked, as this malware must have been physically introduced. That was when they discovered a woman asking for help to fix a laptop she had bought and distracting workers so that the man with her could access the computers and connect a USB.

From the joke of frying eggs in a processor to the reality of heating your house while mining cryptocurrencies

As described, the attackers took the opportunity to introduce the programs Nicehash to mine cryptocurrencies and Anydesk to remotely control computers.

Finally, the 33-year-old couple was arrested at their home in Tarragona and hard drives, a computer and a mobile phone were confiscated. They are accused of crimes of intrusion into computer systems, fraud and damages. The man is a computer scientist and explained that he also had a cryptocurrency mining ship. Apparently, this would not have been enough for them and they would have decided to take advantage of the computers in the two shopping centers to expand their mining capacity.

Via | The vanguard

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