Tuesday, March 28

Arrested in Madrid the alleged perpetrator of the sexist murder of a woman who appeared buried in Alzira

Agents of the National Police have carried out a thorough investigation to reconstruct the escape of the alleged perpetrator of a woman in Cádiz who was later buried in the Valencian town of Alzira. The security cameras of some apartments in Los Barrios (Cádiz) captured the victim – the arrested man’s partner – being dragged by the ankles and introduced into the trunk of a car, by a man whose physical appearance coincides with that of her husband. The agents found that the alleged perpetrator of the events acquired various effects – a shovel, a stick, an axe, anti-cut gloves and a cutter – in an industrial supply establishment near the place where the body appeared. Investigators have been able to verify that, after committing the crime, the detainee fled from Spain by car to Milan, where the rental car was located at the airport in that city. There he took a flight to the United Kingdom to finally fly to the United States where he lived in the city of Denver.

Reported disappearance on social media

The investigation began as a result of a complaint made by a woman through social networks in which she reported the disappearance of her friend, an American citizen. The agents carried out the first steps to locate the missing person, focusing on her partner and the vehicle they used for travel. Said vehicle was located at the Milan airport, confirming that the man had taken a plane in Italy to the United Kingdom and from there to the United States, where his address was located in Denver (Colorado).

Continuing with the efforts, the agents determined that the victim’s last known whereabouts were some apartments in the town of Los Barrios (Cádiz). When viewing security cameras from this accommodation, the investigators observed the arrested man dragging a body by the ankles and putting it in the trunk of a rental car.

Buried in Alzira

Agents launched a search device to locate the missing woman. On January 21, they located some half-buried human remains in the city of Alzira (Valencia) that were transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Valencia.

In the framework of the multiple steps taken throughout the investigation to clarify the facts, through the review of the security cameras in the area near the location of the body, it was observed that the arrested person was in the morning on December 27 in an industrial supply establishment, acquiring a shovel, a stick, an axe, anti-cut gloves and a cutter that could be the one whose remains were found when the body was discovered.

Arrested in Barajas

On December 26, the FBI liaison at the US Embassy in Madrid informed the investigators that they had received information that the main suspect in the murder would be ready to travel back to Spain in the near future, not knowing the reason for his trip to our country. Finally, on January 28, he was arrested at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. and brought to court.