Sunday, August 14

Arrested in Seville after more than three hours of police deployment, the man barricaded in a bakery

The National Police has arrested and transferred to police stations after more than three hours intervention the barricaded man this Thursday inside a bakery that he entered armed with a firearm in the Pino Montano neighborhood of Seville.

This has been confirmed by sources from the National Police, who have reported at 11:45 p.m. that the operation has been resolved satisfactorily and without violence thanks to the hard work of the negotiator and the team that has formed the device.

The detainee, who has been arrested without resistance, is charged with a crime of serious threats with a firearm and has already been transferred to police facilities.

This incident had been taking place since 7:45 p.m. on Estrella Canopus street. After receiving the information, the Police has launched the protocol prepared for this type of case.

Sources from the Andalusian Emergency Service 112 told Europa Press that a notice was received at the aforementioned time from the owner of the bakery where the detainee was barricaded.

The call reported that a man had entered an establishment with a gun and had made the employee leave, remaining entrenched inside.

Ten minutes before this, the 112 also received another alert of a man pointing a gun at another individual at the door of a block on Estrella Castor street, a location on the corner of the aforementioned store where he is entrenched.

Likewise, the police sources specified to the media that the established device, as established by the protocol in these cases, seeks to maintain the safety of both the person inside the establishment and the agents deployed and the residents of the place.

In the altercation was a negotiator of the National Police establishing contact with the entrenched. In addition, the authorities have concluded that there has been no danger to third parties.