Wednesday, October 5

Arrested the girlfriend of the man who tried to assassinate Cristina Fernández Kirchner

The Argentine Federal Police arrested this Sunday night Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte, alleged girlfriend of the author of the attempted murder of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Fernando André Sabag Montiel, after an order signed by federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, according to A direct source of the file has confirmed to elDiarioAR.

The judge and the prosecutor suspect that Sabag Montiel did not act alone and the City’s security cameras are analyzed

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The 23-year-old woman has been arrested while was traveling on a train on the San Martín line, when the formation stopped at the Palermo station, in the City of Buenos Aires. The researchers determined by geolocation of communications and field tasks that Uliarte moved from a location in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas to the vicinity of the Retiro station.

Federal court number 5 authorized the arrest of the train so that the brigade personnel could access the woman. After touring the wagons in their entirety, the policemen found the accused.

Uliarte’s arrest was ordered by Capuchetti after the judge will decree the secrecy of the summary this Sunday night. That measure was taken after the magistrate was analyzing the recordings of the security cameras of the City of Buenos Aires on Thursday night, which covered the vicinity of Fernández de Kirchner’s home.

The recordings, like the videos provided by witnesses who recorded what happened on Thursday night with their cell phones, are key to determining whether Sabag Montiel had accomplices, who could belong to a marginal group or be counted as collaborators. Although the researchers rule out conspiracy theories, they believe that it is very possible that the attacker had accomplices, as reported by elDiarioAR.

The judge searched the images for how, when and where Sabag Montiel moved to reach the place of the demonstration, where he would manage to violate the former president’s security, aim at her face centimeters away and pull the trigger. The key at this stage of the case is to determine with whom the attacker was mobilized that night.

On Friday, Uliarte identified herself in an interview with Telefé as Ambar. It is assumed that the woman sold sugar flakes on Corrientes street. She said that she never imagined that her partner would try to kill the Vice President and asked that the authorities return her belongings and her clothes kidnapped during the round of raids on Thursday night.