Friday, September 24

Arrimadas admits to being “disappointed” with the information about the Emeritus King but praises the “transparency” of Felipe VI

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has admitted this Saturday to be “disappointed” and “disappointed” with the information that is being known about the King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I, of whom “many Spaniards admire his work during the Transition”, while he has asked that the Prosecutor’s Office “investigate to the end.”

However, the leader of Ciudadanos has wanted to make it clear “that no one thinks that Podemos and the separatists are going to use this to bring down our democratic system or even affect King Felipe VI,” who, as he has said, “is leading his Head of State with a lot of transparency and a lot of generosity “. He added that this is “one of the institutions best valued by Spanish citizens.”

Arrimadas has made these statements in Valencia, during his visit for the Fallas acts of 2021, when asked about the investigation to the King Emeritus, for whom the State Attorney General’s Office has made requests for international legal assistance to the judicial authorities of different countries, Switzerland, among them, to advance the proceedings regarding him and to be able to “confirm or discard” the criminal indications that he already has about the origin of his assets or even “open other avenues of investigation.”

In this regard, the leader of the orange formation has asked that it be allowed to “investigate the justice and the Prosecutor’s Office” and “see how far this information goes,” he concluded.

On this visit she has been accompanied by the spokesperson for the orange formation in the Valencia City Council, Fernando Giner; the regional coordinator of Citizens in the Valencian Community and deputy in Congress, María Muñoz, and the trustee of Cs in Les Corts, Ruth Merino.

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