Sunday, March 26

Arrimadas closes the campaign asking for “a bath of reality” for the PP for a “fake campaign”

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has closed the electoral campaign this afternoon in a central hotel in Valladolid and has asked citizens to give the PP “a reality bath for its fake campaign” and has urged “anchor Castilla y León to the center.” Arrimadas has shown herself to be proud of the “piece of the campaign” that the party has carried out, although she has recognized that it has fallen “short” while others “have taken it long”, and “you just have to see their faces”, she has said in reference to the PP.

“Others regret the stupidity they have done, breaking the pact because their boss calls. They wanted an absolute majority and now they are in a thought of the ridicule they are going to do,” he assured. The president of Ciudadanos has defined the PP campaign as “a fake campaign” in which “people don’t know if Casado, Ayuso or Sánchez is running.” “I hope that citizens give them a reality check for that fake campaign,” she added.

He has also given congratulations for the work done until the government pact was broken. “You can look people in the eye, you have governed well, you have not lied and you have been loyal to your government partners. This campaign is about choosing truth or lies, honesty or scoundrel,” she said. According to Arrimadas, the Popular Party “has played with Castilla y León, and they have recognized it.” He thus recalled how in the second debate, the acting president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, recognized him. “No, no, Casado doesn’t play it, I play it myself,” he replied. “My son, you have recognized it! You have played with two and a half million people!

Arrimadas has opted for “anchoring Castilla y León in the center” and for Ciudadanos “to return to the government because otherwise it will go to the extremes.” Finally, he urged people to vote, remembering that “in the last elections” Podemos was left with a seat initially attributed to Ciudadanos by 12 votes. “If someone thinks that their ballot is worth nothing, let them think that, not one vote out,” he has asked.