Friday, January 21

Arrimadas opens the door to joint Cs-PP lists in Andalusia

The national president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, and the vice president of the Board and regional coordinator of Cs in Andalusia, Juan Marín, have left open this Saturday the possibility that the orange party concur in joint lists with the PP-A in the next regional elections with the aim of guaranteeing that both can “reissue the government of change” that they have formed in the community since the December 2018 elections, and in the face of the “anti-change clamp” that they believe is being forged between PSOE and Vox.

Moreno closes ranks with Marín in the Andalusian PP congress and launches a message to Genoa of unity with Citizens

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“At this point, you have to value anything to reissue the government respecting that [PP y Cs] we are two different parties with different electoral programs, “said the president of Cs, Inés Arrimadas, about the possibility that popular and oranges will attend the next Andalusian elections together at an informative meeting of Europa Press Andalucía organized this Saturday in Seville with the sponsorship of the Cajasol Foundation, which he has shared with Juan Marín, and which has been attended, among other positions from Cs, by the president of the Andalusian Parliament, Marta Bosquet; the parliamentary spokesperson, Teresa Pardo, and the Minister of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda.

Arrimadas wanted to make it clear that the option of joint lists in Andalusia “we have not discussed it” and “is not something that has been or is on the table”, but has defended that it is essential to “reissue the government” that PP and Cs maintained in Andalusia to avoid “an anti-change clamp on the left and right that endangers the growth of Andalusia”, and taking into account that the “common objective” of PP-A and Cs is to “maintain the change” in this community .

Vox attacks in a national key

After PSOE-A and Vox agreed to reject in Parliament the Andalusian Budget project for 2022 designed by the government of PP-A and Cs, Arrimadas has argued that “in recent months” there has been a change of scenario in Andalusia, because “before we knew that the PSOE and Podemos wanted to attack the Government” of the Junta, but “the news now is that there is no Andalusian who doubts that Vox is working against this government, and that this government has attacks from other spheres that are not thinking about Andalusia, but rather nationally “.

Along these lines, and although she would “like” the “formula” for the next Andalusian elections to be that of “success” in 2018, in which each party would concur “with its project, its brand, its leader”, and later a “post-electoral sum” between PP-A and Cs will be reached, he has clarified that, “at this point, you have to assess anything to reissue the government” of coalition with PP-A, Arrimadas said, while Marín He shared that the political situation in Andalusia “has changed a lot” because “Vox has changed the position”, and “any possibility will have to be analyzed”.

Arrimadas has stated that he did not “imagine that in this legislature we were going to have that change of having Vox attacking the government” of PP and Cs and that “clamp” with the PSOE-A, and recalled that the president of the Board and of the PP-A, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, recently stated in an interview that “we are different projects, but we must find the best formula to reissue this government.”

The question of the primaries in Cs

In any case, Arrimadas has confirmed that, from the outset, Cs will hold its primaries to choose a candidate for the Board and hopes that they will be “before the end of the year.” “I would like” it to be so, he added, and has insisted on underlining that the “objective” of the orange party is “to reissue the government of change, the teams, that government program that has borne fruit very quickly” in Andalusia and that “It still has to bear more fruit” in the “post Covid” recovery stage in the autonomous community.

For his part, Juan Marín has valued that there is “a lot of complicity” within the Andalusian coalition government, where “we have worked very intensely and hard”, and “now it is true that the situation has changed a lot since Vox has changed position “.

“The PSOE we have already seen that it will never collaborate”, that “it only wants to regain power” and “the price does not matter, that Andalusia takes steps back, and any possibility will have to be analyzed”, added Marín, who, no However, he remarked that “today we have made it clear that we will have our primaries, we will propose our alternative” from Cs, and “I don’t know what will be decided later.”

In any case, the possibility of participating in joint lists “is a matter that corresponds to the national directorates,” Marín pointed out in a message addressed to Arrimadas, who has picked up the glove pointing out that the Andalusian leader of Cs is not going to “rid” of that decision, and insisting that the PP is a different party from Cs, “conservative”, and with which “in many things we think differently”, but has remarked that before being president of Cs she is an Andalusian who does not wants to “look back on the day my political career ends and regret having put the interests of Andalusia ahead of those of a party.”

Vox “now remains for the change”

He added that Cs is “a party that is strong in Andalusia and we will continue to be decisive” in this community, as well as that “Vox now no longer adds to the change”, but “subtracts for the change” and “attacks it “, and” perhaps we must work to guarantee this government because it is objectively good for Andalusians “, and in this line data such as economic growth above the national average or leadership in the number of self-employed workers have stood out.

Along the same lines, Marín has indicated that he did not expect that Vox “now intends to overthrow a liberal, center, progressive and conservative government and change it for a socialist one”, as well as what it aspires to “right now” is that “really This sum of PP and Cs is capable of reaching an absolute majority that allows this government to be reissued for four more years “, because” it is doing well to Andalusia “, and what will happen in the end he does not know, he added before showing hope, in any case, in which “Andalusians will know how to value” when they vote “what this government has contributed to society in a short time” and that has its “reward”.

In any case, Arrimadas has advised the members of the Andalusian Government to “not be distracted by these things that are not so important”, because there are “at least six months” of the term “at full capacity” and the fundamental thing is that the Executive “ends well” the session of the first semester of 2022 and take advantage of it to carry out “very important” laws still pending approval.

The election date

Along these lines, on the date of the next Andalusian elections, Arrimadas has considered “reasonable” the range of dates that the Chairman of the Board has proposed –between June and October 2022–, because “once the first period is over of sessions of 2022 the legislature is finished “, and what could be from then on would be a” technical advance “of the date of the elections.

Arrimadas added that, for her, “it is not so important when the elections are going to take place, but what they are going to be for”, and “work so that this change” of the Andalusian government after decades of socialist action “continues” and that ” the Vox-PSOE clamp does not triumph, “nor does” other national interests. ”

In this sense, the leader of Cs has stressed that Andalusia is “too important to be one more piece on a chessboard to get to Moncloa” as, according to suspicion, “there are other” leaders or political parties that “are using “thus the autonomous community,” thinking more about the general ones than the Andalusian ones.