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Arrimadas presents the candidates of Ciudadanos to the municipal elections in Andalusia: “Here we are those who are priceless”

The Ciudadanos meeting in Seville for the presentation of the main candidates for the municipal elections in Andalusia in May had two clear messages. One for the militants and sympathizers: “we are not dead” and “we have to go with our heads held high”. And another, direct, but without mentions, in which they have criticized the members of the formation that have ended up in institutions, proposed by the absolute majority of the PP, for not choosing “the right thing”, for staying “the comfort of an armchair ” and “sold to the highest bidder”, in the words of the deputy for Malaga in Congress, Guillermo Díaz.

Arrimadas proposes a motion of censure to the PP and Gamarra charges against the Government while waiting for Feijóo

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“Here we are, those of us who have no price, those of us who do not sell ourselves”, remarked Inés Arrimadas in clear reference to the councilors and visible faces of Ciudadanos in the community until a few months ago, who have chosen to work for the PP in different areas . In fact, all those who were advisers except Rogelio Velasco and Manuel Alejandro Cardenete (and many deputies) are now working for Moreno’s absolute majority government. “Those who do not want to be in the project do not bother.”

“We have no roof”

From there, he has recognized the “courage” of the militants who “stay” because he has no doubt that “Citizens continues to be essential.” As an example, he has put the request that he has made to Feijóo to present a motion of censure to Sánchez to slow down the deadlines for the modification of the crime of sedition.

In any case, Inés Arrimadas has asked the mayoral candidates in the next municipal elections in Andalusia to be “the network that holds the party” at this time, which, she acknowledges, is “difficult” and in which the national brand does not help . And she has demanded her own to combat “a state of mind”. Because, she assures her, what “they want is for there to be no Citizens’ ballot in the next elections.” “It is asking a lot of you – she has told the mayors – but you have to pull the wagon”.

Guillermo Díaz, also a spokesman for the refoundation, has expressed himself in the same vein, pointing out the attendees as those who have chosen “between selling to the highest bidder or being honorable, being honorable.” “I don’t want my son to tell me that at the worst moment of my party I left the members and sympathizers of citizens hanging.” And he has called on the militants to resist because “to resist is to win.”

Miguel Ángel Aumesquet (candidate for mayor of Seville) has also tried to raise the spirits of a capacity of about 150 people at the Hotel ABBA de la Encarnación: “Weren’t we dead?” “We are essential and we are going to fly.” Concha Insúa, candidate for mayor of Granada, has called for “going back to the beginning, to the center, to start over”.

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