Friday, January 28

Art-Tech Saisho opens an Investment Round of € 280,000 through

Saisho, the Art-Tech that aims to revolutionize and modernize the art market, opens an Investment Round of € 280,000 through The objective of this round is for the company to continue growing and innovating in a sector, that of art, which has been quite traditional and opaque.

What is Saisho?
Saisho is an Art-Tech company that was born in 2016 with the aim of changing the way of investing in contemporary art: the company offers advisory and intermediation services in the sale of contemporary art works, making this market accessible through a platform that provides transparency and traceability to the investment. The company also wants to respond to all those who say: “I like art, but I don’t invest because I don’t know”, and that is why training its clients is also, along with transparency, one of its cornerstones.

What does Saisho offer to investors and collectors?
The art market is a traditionally opaque market, with few innovations and, in this panorama, Saisho is a breath of fresh air. It has a platform that brings together a portfolio of artists and works of art of proven quality. Saisho is a simple option for investors and collectors: its platform and the knowledge of its experts help to optimize the investment, regardless of the artistic or financial knowledge of the investor. The client knows at all times which artist he has invested in, what his price is and what his prospects for revaluation are. There is no opacity, all the concepts are clear, it does not assume transparency as a value per se, but as an identifying feature of the brand.

What does Saisho offer to the art market?
Contemporary art is beauty, but it is also investment. But talking about art as investment is very generic, it is like talking about investment in company shares: a company listed on the Ibex-35 is not the same as a startup, for example. The same thing happens in the art market: there are new artists, other established artists, different artistic currents …

The Saisho team is in charge of finding the best artistic talent with growth projection in Europe, the USA and Latin America (only one in every 150 artists is selected according to Saisho’s criteria). Once identified, the curricular milestones are used for their evaluation and selection, extracting the value of the signature (cache) once selected, thus remaining associated with the artist in Saisho. This cache, calculated in euro cents per square centimeter, evolves upwards according to the transactions of works that the artist has over time, making it possible for the collector to see the history and evolution of the artist’s value. Therefore, all his works, past, present and future are valued according to that signature value, evolving their value in the same way.

Investment from the hand of professionals
As soon as a new buyer arrives at Saisho, a Saisho Advisor is automatically assigned to them, who will be in charge of advising them at all times on the art market and presenting them with a selection of artists according to what they are looking for, with their corresponding artistic analysis and investment. Once the work is acquired, the client can sell it if he wishes through Saisho again. Therefore, a complete market with long-term relationships is formed, where what could be an expense in art per collection, becomes an alternative investment with certain probabilities of return and liquidity.

Art is considered as a value alternative in these times, not only as a safe haven alternative but as a growth investment alternative from which to obtain a good return over the years.

Where does Saisho operate?
Currently, its main market is Spain and Latin America (especially Mexico), which represents only 2.5% of the global art market share, so its growth projection is very high.

Saisho’s business plan is to grow and consolidate the business in these markets before making the leap to other larger markets where it can export and replicate the model, such as the United Kingdom, Central Europe or the USA.

Saisho’s current billing
Saisho has doubled its annual turnover since its inception and they plan to maintain or even increase this rate. Due to its own digital scalability, Art-Tech has maintained increasing annual EBITDA margins.

What do you need the capital for?
The financing obtained with the Investment Round will be used to boost billing in the short and medium term and to lay the foundations to scale the value of the business exponentially in the long term.

What is offered in exchange
Through the Investment Round opened in, a pioneer platform in Equity Crowdfunding, there is the opportunity to invest from a minimum ticket of € 2,000 in a completely disruptive and highly scalable Art-Tech project.

Saisho opens the possibility of investing in the company through Equity Crowdfunding. You will be able to become a member of the company in exchange for ordinary shares in the company’s capital stock. is committed to disruptive companies with a high scalability capacity. More than 150 projects have been successfully financed, exceeding 35 million euros raised, which positions the platform as a leader in the sector.

You can access all the relevant information about this new investment opportunity in the ficha de Saisho located on the platform, where you will find all the details about this new Investment Round. is not responsible for the veracity or accuracy of this or any other related information