Thursday, February 2

‘As bestas’, in cinema, and ‘Apagón’, in series, the best for the Forqué 2022

“As bestas”, in cinema, and “Apagón”, in series, have been the winners of the 28th edition of the Forqué Awards, while Laia Costa, star of “Cinco lobitos”, and Denis Ménochet, of “As bestas”, They have been the best actors in movies; Jesús Carroza (“Apagón”) and Mónica López (“Rapa”), the best in series.

The night, full of cinema since the red carpet began, had its climax with the tears of Antonio Resines declaring the immense honor that it has been for him to be “husband, boyfriend, brother, boss…and always a friend” of Verónica Forqué, whom the gala honored with heartfelt silence and a round of applause. “The magic was linked to his person and that is how he will always be: a star in the universe, that is why – Silvia Abascal has contributed, along with Resines – we will not forget you”.

It was halfway through the party and it was time to reveal the best Ibero-American film, which was “Argentina 1985”.

Directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures, Caballo Films, Cronos Entertainment AIE, Le pacte, RTVE, Movistar+, “As bestas” has won two nominations, since its male lead, Denis Ménochet, also won the statuette. “Alcarrás” and “Modelo 77”, with two nominations each, leave empty.

“As bestas” talks about the suffocating relationships that a French couple maintains with the locals of a village in the interior of Galicia until the tension grows unbearably.

The French actor, who was the first winner to collect an award, thanked him in words in English, French and Spanish, repeating several times that it was “incredible” to have beaten his Spanish competitors.

Rodrigo Sorogoyen has thanked the award praising “the incredible year of cinema” and giving “millions of thanks” because “we were facing movies. Carla (Simón) has made two films: two masterpieces, Alberto (Rodríguez) is my teacher and ‘Cinco lobitos’ is the film that has made me cry the most. Long live the Spanish cinema ”, he has concluded himself.

“Cinco lobitos”, by the newcomer Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, and produced by Sayaka Producciones SL, Encanta Films SLU, Buena Pinta Media SLU, RTVE, ETB and Orange TV- won the award for cinema in education and values, and that of best actress Laia Costa, two out of four.

The Biscayan director thanked the visibility of the award for a film that was born to “value the work of the people who take care of us, often women”.

Mónica López, who won best actress in the series “Rapa” (Movistar+), was unable to collect her award as she was in full theater performance, but Jesús Carroza, star of the chapter of “Apagón”, directed by Alberto Rodríguez, did. , who won for best actor in a series, where he faced his partner Luis Callejo, Javier Cámara (“Rapa”) and Luis Zahera (“Entrevías”).

In documentaries, “Labordeta, a man without more”, by Gaizka Urresti and Paula Labordeta, won “REC: terror without pause”, “Sentiendo lo mucho” and “To the women of Spain. Maria Lejarraga. The daughter of the artist and politician received the award from her grateful for being “a huge hug to my father and to a generation that believed that things could change.”

The best short film was “Cuerdas”, by Estíbaliz Urresola.

There were musical performances by El Consorcio, Ana Torroja and Abraham Mateo, and the presenters also sang, Pimentel for Rosalía, with stanzas of “Motomami”, and Lastra, who began with a song by Nino Bravo and made a duet with Clara Alvarado to interpret “Eternamente Yolanda”, by the recently deceased Cuban musician Pablo Milanés.

“Apagón”, a dystopian fiction series created by Fran Araújo for Movistar+ and directed by five different directing teams, one per chapter, has won the award for best series, beating “Rapa” and “Intimacy”.

The president of EGEDA, the producers’ rights management entity that sponsors these awards, Enrique Cerezo, reviewed the long career of José Luis Bermúdez de Castro, responsible for a large number of Spanish films from the 1960s and 1970s, who collected his Medal of Honor for a lifetime dedicated to cinema.

“The best prize in this profession is living in peace and raising your family. If I lived a thousand lives, I would dedicate them to this profession a thousand times”, said the winner, who advised young producers never to give up, because “if you make cinema with love, it will always respond to you”.