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As well as Spain: the biggest wins in the World Cups | Digital Trends Spanish

The Spain thrashed Costa Rica 7-0 joins a list of historical results in the soccer World Cups, where the expressive marker has buried the career of some and launched the victors to stardom.

Not only the Tico Keylor Navas has eaten seven goals in a World Cup, there have been other goalkeepers who have suffered many times looking for the ball inside the portico.

The biggest wins in the history of the soccer world cups

  • In France 1938: Sweden defeated a naive Cuba 8-0.
  • In Brazil 1950: the champion Uruguay had no mercy on Bolivia, and defeated it 8-0.
  • In Switzerland 1954 there were three tremendous goals: Uruguay repeated with a 7-0 against Scotland, Turkey made a 7-0 against South Korea and Hungary, for its part, has the record of the first time that a team put a score of 9 goals against zero. South Korea was once again the victim, resulting in one of the most thrashed teams in World Cup history.
  • In Germany 1974 there were two wins: Poland beat the weak and rookie Haiti 7-0, while Yugoslavia showed no mercy to the poor Zaire team, scoring the other 9-0 in history.
  • Let’s jump to Spain 1982, where perhaps the biggest win in the history of the World Cups was recorded: The Hungarian team scored a hefty 10-1 against the El Salvador team, in a game that was literally a festival of goals and in which that the stands were emptying since the end of the first half.
  • Korea Japan 2002: It was Germany’s chance to show off their might with an 8-0 win over Saudi Arabia.
  • And of course, the 7-1 defeat of Germany against Brazil in the 2014 World Cup cannot be forgotten.

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