Saturday, October 23

Assault by a security guard on a trans woman at the Sants station in Barcelona

Renfe has opened an information file and has expelled a security worker who has attacked a trans woman at the Sants station in Barcelona on the morning of this Friday while they were reducing her, as has advanced betevé. The City Council has claimed to investigate the aggression as a case of transphobic discrimination.

According to the chain, it all started when the woman rebuked a cameraman asking him not to record her. Upon seeing it, private security agents from the Sureste company have approached, who have reduced the woman to the ground. Four guards have handcuffed her, while one of the officers hit her with his hand and kicked her.

The agent was expelled from the service shortly after the events. Renfe sources have assured that it has been the company itself that has required the immediate withdrawal of the worker from the service. The same sources have wanted to make it clear that they will not tolerate attitudes of this type.

The councilor for citizenship rights of the Barcelona City Council, Marc Serra, has asked “to investigate this transphobic aggression”, since while the woman was reduced one of the agents told her “‘be quiet sir’ to vex her,” he added. The council has activated the protocol and has offered legal and psychological support from the Office for Non-Discrimination for women.

Homophobic aggression in Girona

On the other hand, the Mossos d’Esquadra arrested a 23-year-old man of Spanish nationality this Friday in Salt (Girona) as the alleged perpetrator of a hate crime and discrimination on homophobic grounds and a minor offense of injuries caused by the after dawn in a bottle in Girona.

According to the Mossos, the detainee asked the victim about his sexual condition, a 20-year-old boy who participated in a bottle in a central square in Girona, and afterwards he gave him several kicks and punches.

The victim was able to get rid of his aggressor and found a patrol, before which he reported the events, to later be transferred to the hospital, where he has been treated for minor injuries. The victim’s complaint and the information provided by the witnesses has been essential for the investigation that culminated in the arrest.

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