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Assault on a waiter in Huelva shouting “shitty fagot”

Luiz Jonas, a 22-year-old Brazilian from La Puebla de Guzmán (Huelva), has reported to the Civil Guard the alleged homophobic aggression suffered by a co-worker.

From “they didn’t know he was gay” to “fag, they say a lot”: the myths of hate crimes revealed by Samuel’s case

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According to the complaint, he works in a beach bar in the nearby municipality of Sanlúcar de Guadiana, where a co-worker, the last to arrive at the company, would have gone from making disparaging comments about his sexual orientation to attacking him.

During an argument that went further, and already lying on the ground, he received, according to the complaint, a punch and several kicks and heard expressions such as “shitty fag”, “if you are not a man” or “these are the things that happen to hire fags like these. ”

According to the complaint, a misunderstanding around a comment made to him by his partner caused his partner to confront him directly, punching him in the eye, nose, mouth and chest, until he was separated by another partner.

It was the young man’s partner who argued with the alleged aggressor, and when trying to separate them was when the attack on him would have occurred. The young man maintains that the alleged aggressor is a new co-worker, who since his arrival has been making all kinds of homophobic comments towards the complainant and his partner, different workers at the establishment, and even the person in charge of the premises. The Civil Guard is already investigating the facts.

Medical part

The victim was treated in the emergency service of the Juan Ramón Jiménez hospital in Huelva capital, where the doctors appreciated “a wound in the nasal region with ecchymosis (subcutaneous lesion characterized by extravasated blood deposits under the intact skin) in the right region and right cheekbone Pain in the proximal humerus region, with limitation of BA (Joint Balance) He was discharged after taking an X-ray, with referral to his GP.

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