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Assembly breaches the Transparency Law by not publishing the information on its payroll

The National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information (Antai) identified that the National Assembly 83% complied with the standards for transparency in public management, due to the fact that it has not published the updated payroll, hiring of officials, appointment of officials and representation expenses on its website.

According to the result of the latest monitoring carried out by Antai to the Transparency sections on the websites of public institutions in September 2021, the Passport Authority also complied by 83%, pending the publication of their institutional projects and their budget execution.

According to the Antai statement, In this monitoring, a total of 192 entities were evaluated, among them, 111 State entities, public companies and 81 municipalities throughout the Republic of Panama, complying with the provisions of Law No. 6 of January 2002 that establishes rules for Transparency in public management, in articles 9, 10, 11 and 12 with the provisions for the transparency sections of the websites.

Regarding 100% compliance, the report highlights that 100 of 111 institutions are 100%This represents 90%, while 10% of the institutions are less than 100% in monitoring.

Monitoring indicates that 71 out of 81 municipalities are 100%This represents 88%, while 12% of the municipalities are less than 100% in monitoring.

Antai informed that it will continue with this monthly monitoring process, with the aim that institutions, municipalities and public companies remedy any breach of the law.

List of institutions that comply 100%

  1. Tocumen International Airport, SA
  2. Panama-Pacific Agency
  3. Civil Aeronautics Authority
  4. Urban and Household Cleaning Authority of Panama
  5. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority
  6. Panama Aquatic Resources Authority
  7. Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority
  8. Panama Tourism Authority
  9. Panama Canal Authority
  10. Transit and Land Transportation Authority
  11. Panama Maritime Authority
  12. National Land Administration Authority
  13. National Customs Authority of Panama
  14. National Authority of Public Services
  15. National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information
  16. Agricultural Development Bank
  17. National Mortgage Bank
  18. Panama national bank
  19. Meritorious Fire Department of the Republic of Panama
  20. Savings bank
  21. Social Security Fund
  22. Council of the National Agreement for development
  23. National Council for Sustainable Development
  24. Comptroller General of the Republic
  25. National Post and Telegraph of Panama
  26. Ombudsman’s Office
  27. Office of the First Lady
  28. Directorate of Social Assistance (DAS)
  29. General Directorate of Administrative Career
  30. General Directorate of Public Procurement
  31. General Directorate of the Penitentiary System
  32. The Panama Metro
  33. Electric Transmission Company SA
  34. Empresa Nacional de Autopistas SA
  35. Attorney General’s Office
  36. Electoral Attorney General
  37. Child Hospital
  38. Santo Tomás Hospital
  39. Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies
  40. Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers
  41. Institute of Agricultural Innovation of Panama
  42. Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences
  43. Agricultural Insurance Institute
  44. National Institute of Professional Training and Training for Human Development
  45. National Institute of Women
  46. National Oncological Institute
  47. Cooperative Autonomous Panamanian Institute
  48. Panamanian Institute of Sports – PANDEPORTES
  49. Panamanian Institute for Special Habilitation
  50. Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources
  51. National Charity Lottery
  52. Mercados Nacionales de la Cadena de Frío SA
  53. Ministry of the Presidency
  54. Ministry of Environment of Panama
  55. Ministry of Canal Affairs
  56. Ministry of Trade and Industries
  57. culture Ministry
  58. Ministry of Agricultural Development
  59. Ministry of Social Development
  60. Ministry of Economy and Finance
  61. Ministry of Education
  62. government ministry
  63. Ministry of Public Works
  64. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  65. Ministry of Health
  66. Ministry of Public Security
  67. Ministry of Labor and Labor Development
  68. Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning
  69. Rural Electrification Office
  70. National Office for the care of refugees
  71. Judicial authority
  72. National Police of Panama
  73. Administration Attorney
  74. Office of the Attorney General of the Nation
  75. Panama public registry
  76. National Secretary of Energy
  77. National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation
  78. National Secretariat for Disability
  79. National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and the Family
  80. Institutional Protection Service
  81. National Air Naval Service
  82. National Border Service
  83. National Migration Service
  84. Pension Savings and Capitalization System for Public Servants
  85. State Radio and Television System
  86. National Civil Protection System
  87. Unique Emergency Management System
  88. Superintendency of Insurance and Reinsurance
  89. Superintendency of Banks of Panama
  90. Superintendency of the Securities Market
  91. Administrative Court of Public Procurement
  92. Administrative Tax Court
  93. Court of Accounts
  94. electoral Tribunal
  95. Autonomous University of Chiriqui
  96. Panama university
  97. Specialized University of the Americas
  98. International Maritime University of Panama
  99. Technological University of Panama
  100. Colon free zone

Municipalities that comply 100%

  1. Municipality of Barú
  2. Municipality of Aguadulce
  3. Municipality of Alanje
  4. Municipality of Almirante
  5. Municipality of Antón
  6. Municipality of Arraiján
  7. Atalaya Municipality
  8. Municipality of Balboa
  9. Municipality of Besiko
  • Municipality of Bocas del Toro
  • Municipality of Boquerón
  • Municipality of Boquete
  • Municipality of Bugaba
  • Municipality of Calobre
  • Municipality of Cañazas
  • Capira Municipality
  • Municipality of Chagres
  • Municipality of Chame
  • Changuinola Municipality
  • Municipality of Chepigana
  • Municipality of Chepo
  • Municipality of Chimán
  • Municipality of Chiriquí Grande
  • Municipality of Chitré
  • Municipality of Colón
  • Municipality of David
  • Municipality of Dolega
  • Municipality of Donoso
  • Gualaca Municipality
  • Municipality of Guararé
  • Kankintu Municipality
  • Kusapin Municipality
  • Municipality of La Chorrera
  • Municipality of La Mesa
  • Municipality of La Pintada
  • Municipality of Las Minas
  • Municipality of Las Palmas
  • Municipality of Las Tablas
  • Municipality of Los Pozos
  • Municipality of Los Santos
  • Municipality of Macaracas
  • Municipality of Mariato
  • Municipality of Montijo
  • Municipality of Muna
  • Municipality of Natá
  • Municipio de Nole Duima
  • Municipality of Ocú
  • hello town
  • Municipality of Omar Torrijos
  • Municipality of Panama
  • Municipality of Parita
  • Municipality of Pedasí
  • Municipality of Penonomé
  • Municipality of Pesé
  • Municipality of Pinogana
  • Municipality of Pocrí
  • Municipality of Remedios
  • Municipality of Renacimiento
  • Municipality of Río de Jesús
  • Municipality of San Carlos
  • Municipality of San Lorenzo
  • Municipality of San Miguelito
  • Municipality of Santa fé (Darién)
  • Municipality of Santa Fé (Veraguas)
  • Municipality of Santa Isabel
  • Municipality of Santiago
  • Municipality of Soná
  • Municipality of Taboga
  • Municipality of Tierras Altas
  • Municipality of Tolé
  1. Municipality of Tonosí

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