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Astro, Amazon’s new robot pet for the home | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon introduces Astro, an intelligent robot that uses artificial intelligence, computer vision and voice recognition technologies to help with various tasks around the house.

Among his functions is to be a watchman so that the owners of the house can go on vacation without worrying much about what may happen when their home is alone. Astro can move without user intervention and can even be programmed to tour specific areas, which it will recognize through its vision system through a camera.

In addition, it uses Alexa to send alerts to its owner’s phone when encountering eventualities, for example, if a glass breaks, an alarm is activated or if it detects an unrecognized human figure. In addition, through the camera – and with a subscription service called Ring – small video clips are recorded that can be reviewed remotely using the corresponding application.

The Amazon robot is designed as a much more complete assistant than those that exist today, it also integrates with other smart home devices to display information such as music, weather, entertainment or similar services.

Astro has a quite particular design, since thanks to its screen and its shapes it evokes the figure of a pet, in particular that of a small dog. The wheels allow it to move easily around the house (even follow the user in specific situations) and the screen appears to be a good size, judging from the photos.

It is worth wondering if Astro is resistant to possible shocks or accidents that can occur when, for example, someone does not see it in the middle of its path. Likewise, a potential problem with Astro can be the camera, since for many useful functions it offers, it is a device that obtains images from a private environment, and nothing is ever secure on the internet.

Astro will be priced at $ 1,499 when it goes on sale, although there will be a $ 999 starting offer for a special edition called the Day 1 Edition. Its availability will be limited, so those who wish to buy one will have to register to receive an invitation.

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