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Astronaut warns about climate change from space | Digital Trends Spanish

The international scientific community has repeatedly explained that climate change is the main threat facing humanity.

A few months ago, the UN published a disturbing report that pointed out that there are practically no places left safe on Earth from global warming. A look at this serious phenomenon from outside our planet was missing.

Faced with this situation, astronaut Thomas Pesquet has warned about climate change during a video call made to French President Emmanuel Macron from the International Space Station (ISS).

Chile seen from the International Space Station. Getty Images

“We see river pollution, air pollution, things like that. What really impacted me on this mission were extreme weather or climate events, ”Pesquet said.

“We saw entire regions burning from the space station, in Canada, in California. We saw all of California covered in a cloud of smoke and flames with the naked eye from 400 kilometers up. “

This is the second mission in space of the French astronaut; In the previous one, it spent 197 days in orbit between 2016 and 2017. Therefore, this new trip has served to compare the state of the Earth in the face of the climate crisis.

“Year after year, we also know that we break records for fires, storms, floods. And that is very, very visible. I have clearly seen the difference compared to my mission of four or five years ago, ”he explained.

The conversation between the astronaut and the president took place in the context of the COP26 Climate Summit, which this week took place in Glasgow, Scotland.

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