Friday, December 9

Astronauts debut creepy robotic eyes | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of SpaceX astronauts of the private mission Polaris Dawn, released some strange contact lenses that resemble robotic eyes and that look certainly creepy.

“What’s with the weird Photoshop in the eye of every Polaris Dawn crew member?” he asked. a confused redditor.

Anna Menon, one of the mission’s astronauts and a senior space operations engineer at SpaceX, took to Twitter to provide a clear close-up of the cyberpunk-looking contacts.

In the video, a halo-shaped ring of light can be seen outlining the inside of his pupils, with a noticeable but small white rectangle brightly reflecting within it, in what is likely responsible for the white spot on the eye in the pictures from afar.

“Eye will be back… for investigation,” tweeted Menonwith the theme “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” blaring in the video.

Eye will be back…for research. Polaris Dawn will carry with us on our mission 38 experiments from 23 partner institutions, including this device that measures intraocular pressure through a contact lens. see formore!

— Anna Menon (@annawmenon) October 24, 2022

According to Menon, specialized contact lenses will be worn by all astronauts to measure intraocular pressure. It’s part of a University of Colorado Boulder study on the newly discovered affliction called spaceflight-associated neuroocular syndrome.

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