Wednesday, February 21

Asus recalls a motherboard model that catches fire | Digital Trends Spanish

Asus has many models of computer motherboards for sale, but one in particular is causing problems and will have to be recalled. The problem? There have been too many episodes of burned plates.

This is the Asus Maximus Z690 Hero model board and according to various user reports, it is literally on fire: small flames appear at a specific point on the board, forcing the device to be turned off and disconnected from the power to avoid a major incident. Both in the Asus forums like in Reddit, several users revealed to have suffered the same situation.

Given what happened, Asus launched an investigation and indeed, a manufacturing problem was discovered in the Maximus Z690 Hero boards, due to a small and dangerous error: a small memory capacitor that was installed backwards during the manufacturing process. This problem can be identified when the computer shuts down or if the error code 53 is displayed on the board itself.

Now, Asus is taking the matter very seriously and for that, they launched a special site so that users can identify if their board has been affected by the error. To do this, just enter the serial number of the product, which is unique for each unit of the Maximus Z690 Hero.

Likewise, Asus is also going to replace all the affected boards and for this, users should contact the company’s customer service. And the company will also continue to investigate in case other models of its plates also suffer from a similar problem.

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