Friday, January 28

At least 100 missing in a landslide in a jade mine in Myanmar



About a hundred people have disappeared because of a landslide registered this Wednesday in a jade mine in the town of Hpakant, located in northern Myanmar, according to the first information provided by local media.

A resident in the area has detailed in statements to the Burmese station Democratic Voice of Burma that the event took place at around 4.30 am (local time) and stressed that search and rescue work has started by the population in the absence of emergency teams.

The event took place just days after another ten people were reported missing after a transport truck was buried. for another collapse in this same area of ​​the Asian country.

Burmese authorities banned jade mining in Hpakant because of a series of fatal accidents in recent years, including the death of more than 160 miners from a landslide at a mine in this city.

Landslides are a fairly common phenomenon in Hpakant. In 2015, a landslide killed 115 people in the same region. Many migrant workers in the Hpakant region earn money by collecting large rocks discarded by miners in an attempt to find jade stones.

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