Monday, September 20

At least 12 dead since Kabul airport plunged into chaos



The Taliban on Thursday urged crowds of Afghans waiting outside Kabul airport, hoping to flee the country, to come back home because they don’t want to hurt anyone. This message was announced a day after Taliban fighters fired on protesters and they will kill three, as witnesses of the initiator have explained.

The United States and other Western powers went ahead with the evacuation of their citizens and some of their Afghan personnel from Kabul airport, in the Afghanistan Independence Day, which could trigger more protests against Islamists.

While Kabul has been generally calm since Taliban forces entered on Sunday after a week of astonishing advances across the country, the airport has been in chaos as people rushed out of the Afghan capital.

Twelve people have died at the airport and its surroundings since Sunday, a NATO official and a Taliban have claimed. The deaths were caused by shots or bangsthe Taliban official has said.

“We don’t want to hurt anyone at the airport”

The insurgent has urged people who do not have the legal right to travel to return home. “We do not want to hurt anyone at the airport,” explained the Taliban official, who refused to be identified.

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