Wednesday, May 18

At least 18 dead in clash of rival criminal gangs in Mexico

Mexico City



A confrontation between two rival criminal gangs left a balance of 18 dead in a remote area of ​​Zacatecas, a state located in northern Mexico. Violence in that region seems to have no limits after up to 30 deaths were recorded last week in a crossfire between criminal organizations. Although the latest investigations affirm that the victims now reach 18 dead, local media assure that the bodies collected by the police, scattered throughout the area, could reach more than thirty.

The dispute took place in a rural area adjacent to the states of Jalisco and Nayarit in the municipality of Valparaíso. “All the victims are men who have participated in the skirmish,” said the Local Coordination Group, in charge of security in Zacatecas. At the scene of the events, three vehicles were found, one of them burned, and “a significant number of casings struck of different calibers.”

Violence in certain states does not stop. Two isolated events, especially bloody, occurred in the same state of Zacatecas. Last Wednesday in its homonymous capital, two policemen were killed, later found hanging from a viaduct. The same day an armed group broke into a house in Fresnillo (Zacatecas), where the bodies of four women and three men were found.

With a balance of 300,000 deaths related to organized crime since 2006, the Mexican government of López Obrador ensures that his administration “advances in the fight against crime.” The president responded like this when asked about the appearance of a armed civilian militia made up of 3,000 farmers, who have decided to fight on their own against the organized crime that oppresses them.

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