Wednesday, August 4

At least 300 migrants enter Melilla by jumping the fence

At least 300 migrants have entered Melilla this Thursday by jumping the border fence that separates Spain from Morocco in the autonomous city.

The Cameroonian who denounced Spain to Strasbourg for being beaten at the Melilla fence: “I am that person you treated like an animal”

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This jump to the Melilla fence, one of the most numerous in recent years, took place shortly before seven in the morning in the area near the Chinatown border crossing, as Efe has been able to verify.

The migrants, among whom there are injured, have reached the Center for Temporary Stay for Immigrants (CETI) in Melilla on their own feet, on the run, crossing several neighborhoods of the city, shouting “boza” and “asylum”.

At the moment they are being treated at the door of the CETI, inside which the two groups of more than one hundred and twenty who also managed to jump the fence are quarantined last week.

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