Friday, September 17

At least 41 dead in Indonesian prison fire



At least 41 people have died this Wednesday in a fire that broke out inside a prison in Tangerang, a city ​​located about twenty kilometers from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, after a short circuit in the electrical installation, according to the first reports.

The head of the Jakarta Regional Police, General Fadil Imran, has also reported that 80 other people have been injured, eight of them seriously, according to the local television channel Liputan 6.

The fire broke out first thing in the morning on Wednesday and according to the first investigations has occurred due to a short circuit. The Police have reported that the fire has already been controlled.

The authorities still do not know the identity of all the fatalities, so it is not ruled out that among them there may also be officials and workers of the penitentiary, in addition to the prisoners.

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