Monday, November 28

At least 60 dead after bridge collapse in western India

A suspension bridge in western India has collapsed as hundreds of people passed through the infrastructure open to the public just four days ago. According to the Reuters agency, at least 40 people have died.

The suspension bridge of Morbi, in the western state of Gujarat, has collapsed this Sunday afternoon, which has caused the fall into the river that runs below several dozen people who were unable to leave the structure when it began to give. According to the calculation of the local media, at the time of the accident there were about 400 people on the catwalk.

“More than 60 people have died” after the collapse of the Morbi suspension bridge, in the western state of Gujarat, although rescue operations continue, the Minister of Housing and Rural Development of Gujarat, informed in a statement to the media, Brijesh Merja. The authorities have mobilized troops, including the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), for rescue operations.

Local television footage shows dozens of people hanging from the bridge’s cables after the collapse.

The Morbi Suspension Bridge is an iconic structure in the region for pedestrian use, 1.25 meters wide and over 200 meters long. The historic infrastructure, more than a century old, was reopened to the public on October 26 after repair and renovation works.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who was in the state to participate in a government act, has assured the full support of the Government for the operations. “I am deeply saddened by the Morbi tragedy. I spoke to the Gujarat chief minister and other officials about this. Relief and rescue operations are in full swing and all necessary assistance is being provided to those affected, ”he said in a message on the same social network.