Monday, May 16

At least 90 Palestinians injured in clashes with policemen on the Esplanade of the Jerusalem Mosques

At least 90 Palestinians and three Israeli policemen have been injured during the clashes in the Esplanade of the Mosques, in occupied East Jerusalem, coinciding with the second Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and in a context of growing tension in the area.

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The clashes with Israeli police agents began in the morning and ended with at least 90 Palestinians injured, as reported by the Red Crescent emergency service, which has specified that this figure corresponds to those who had to be transferred to nearby hospitals or clinics to receive medical care. In addition, a spokesman for the Red Crescent has added that the injuries recorded were the product of rubber bullets, the explosion of stun grenades and beatings by security forces. The Israeli Police, meanwhile, has reported that three of its officers were injured by stone throwing.

A police spokesman has said that the incidents began this morning with the throwing of stones and fireworks by hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators who would have come to the site with flags of the Palestinian National Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas. According to the Police, the troops waited for the end of the morning prayer to intervene and disperse the demonstrators, triggering clashes.

entrance in the mosque

The incidents not only took place in open areas of the Esplanade but also inside the Al Aqsa mosque itself, Islam’s third holiest site and rarely accessed by Israeli security forces.

The official Palestinian news agency, Wafa, has reported that dozens of Israeli police entered the mosque and “attacked thousands of Muslim worshipers” who were praying there. Security forces, meanwhile, have said that “violent rioters” barricaded themselves inside the mosque and continued “inciting violence.”

These events take place within a framework of growing tension in the region, after a week of much violence in the occupied West Bank, where the Israeli Army has carried out multiple raids after a series of Palestinian attacks in recent weeks.

Death of a 17 year old

The death at dawn of a 17-year-old minor as a result of injuries sustained in clashes with Israeli security forces has brought the number of Palestinians killed in violent episodes in the West Bank to seven in just the last two days, including another minor.

Until today, the city of Jerusalem had been left out of the main incidents of recent weeks, which included four serious attacks in Israel and multiple military operations in West Bank territory.