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At least a score of dangerous criminals, among the Afghans evacuated by Germany

Correspondent in Berlin



A total of 4,587 people were evacuated from Kabul on German military flights until the airport closed. 469 were German citizens and 168 were Afghan employees who had been collaborating with German companies or institutions. The rest should go to Afghan nationals whose security was compromised under the Taliban regime, but 257 of those people entered the German army planes without being correctly identified. We are talking about a chaotic situation, dramatic evacuation scenes in which document verification was extremely difficult and in which force prevailed on many occasions. “Anyone who was young, man, strong and willing to use violence to step over others, had a better chance of reaching airplanes,” described a participant in the operation. Only after these host Afghans have arrived in Germany has it been possible to initiate a correct process of identity verification and, to the surprise of the German authorities, some twenty people, to whom the German Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer, described as “high-caliber criminals”, are listed by international security forces.

There are about 20 cases “that are relevant to security, which are now in Germany and cannot be deported to Afghanistan,” Seehofer reported during a meeting at the Munich Press Club. Among those criminals there are convicted rapists and at least one man who, according to the unanimous opinion of Germany, the United States and Great Britain, occupies «an even higher rank»On the criminal ladder, according to the minister. Other cases remain awaiting identification, after it was found that they boarded the plane with falsified documents.

Four of the evacuees had previously been deported from Germany to Afghanistan, years ago, and they have managed to sneak into the country again. According to information from the German Press Agency (DPA), several of the names are registered in the joint federal and state antiterrorist center. “Two criminals have been transferred to a penitentiary based on open arrest warrants,” acknowledged Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter, and two other evacuated Afghans are “still in the custody of the authorities, awaiting a decision.” .

An example of criminals infiltrating the refugees is Sardar Muhammed M. He had been deported from Germany to his home country of Afghanistan in February 2019 and arrived back in Frankfurt on a plane from Tashkent on August 24, after having previously flown from Kabul. In 2012, the Munich Regional Court sentenced M. to eight years and three months in prison for rape and sexually abuse your daughter for years. The first assault occurred when the daughter was nine. At the time of his deportation to Afghanistan, he still had a prison sentence of 177 days to serve. After the identity check of the evacuees at the Frankfurt airport, he was arrested again and is currently in the Frankfurt-Preungesheim prison. In the expulsion order from the city of Munich, which came into effect legally in 2015, it said: “Immigration authorities see a very specific risk that more mass sex crimes will be repeated after their release from prison.” It has not yet been clarified how Sardar M. managed to find a place on one of the Bundeswehr planes.

Another case is that of Khwahja Rashed S., sentenced to two years and six months in prison for dangerous assault with weapons. He had been deported last February. He is also back in Germany and held in prison, but will be released in 86 days. The evacuees also included Omed F., convicted of sexual assault and rape, deported in February and prohibited from re-entering the country until February 2024. Khwaja Obaidullah A., sentenced in Germany for drug trafficking, assault and burglary, also belongs to this group of deportees in February who are now walking the streets of Germany again.

The weekly ‘Der Spiegel’ has reported, for its part, that at least five high-ranking members of the Afghan government have been transferred to Germany, including former Foreign Minister Mohammed Hanif Atmer and former national security adviser Rangin Spanta.

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