Monday, July 4

At least three deceased after a dinghy was shipwrecked in Órzola, Lanzarote

Rescue services have recovered the lifeless body of a man at dawn this Friday near the port of Órzola, in the north of Lanzarote. She is the third victim of the wreck of a pneumatic that was transporting 46 migrants of sub-Saharan origin, the other two were women. As reported by the spokesperson for the Lanzarote Emergency Consortium, 41 survivors have been rescued, including 19 women and 7 minors.

The emergency services resume the search for five disappeared after the sinking of a boat in Lanzarote

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The shouts of the castaways were the ones that initially alerted the residents of Órzola, some of whom jumped into the sea to help them in a rocky area where the boat ran aground, about 600 meters east of the town’s port and, later, members of the firefighters, civil protection and various emergency agencies on the island attended.

The rescued have stated that 49 people were traveling in the pneumatic and that they had left Tan-an, in southern Morocco, two days before, with which the emergency services are looking for a child and four adults who are believed to be men. A mission that has been complicated in the last hours due to bad weather. In total, thirteen people were transferred to health centers, all of them without fever and asymptomatic for COVID-19.

Of the boat, it is known that its data coincide with those of the alert of a departure of a pneumatic from the coast of Guelmim, in Morocco, about 270 kilometers away from Lanzarote. Its occupants managed to briefly contact the NGO Caminando Fronteras by phone in the afternoon, to warn that they did not know where they were and that they had navigation problems. Communication was interrupted and could not be reestablished.

An air force search and rescue service (SAR) plane was searching for them throughout the afternoon east of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, but without success. As reported by emergency services, the search by land for more survivors or victims of this shipwreck is suspended until dawn. However, a rescue helicopter is still operating on that stretch of the Lanzarote coast.

Another dinghy was shipwrecked in this port in November 2020 and eight people drowned then died. The population of this fishing village in the north of the island also turned to helping the survivors, even jumping into the ocean to try to rescue the people who were sinking off the coast.