Monday, August 8

At least two dead during protests in Sudan against the coup

At least two people have died this Saturday and several have been wounded by shots by the security forces against the demonstrators in the massive protests that are carried out in Khartoum against the military coup d’état perpetrated last Monday, as reported the Committee of Physicians.

“The militias of the coup military council are now firing bullets at protesters in Um Durman and other areas of the capital. As a result, two martyrs were killed and several wounded,” the organization has indicated on its Facebook account, which since the revolution who overthrew the dictator Omar Al Bashir in 2019 attends the protesters and counts the victims.

The Committee has indicated that one of the protesters has died from a shot to the head, while another has died from a bullet in the stomach. “We affirm that we and the revolutionaries are monitoring everything and the whole world is watching the crimes of the coup plotters,” the organization said, adding that “no criminal will remain unpunished.” “The more crimes the coup plotters commit, the closer they are to being overthrown by popular anger,” he concluded in the message.

The dissolved Sudanese government has warned the military and security forces on Saturday that using violence in large protests called will be “counterproductive” for them. Around 12:30 local time (10:30 GMT) the great marches began from different neighborhoods of the capital to go to the city center.

Several countries, such as the United States, as well as the UN and the European Union (EU), have called on the military and security forces to prevent violence against protesters, who are calling for the return of a civilian government after the coup in the past. Monday captained by the military leader, General Abdelfatah al Burhan. The UN special mission in Sudan has also called on protesters to protest peacefully.

Demonstrators and security forces have clashed since the day of the military coup in clashes that have left at least eleven dead and more than a hundred injured, according to opposition organizations and Amnesty International.

Al Burhan dissolved the transition bodies on the 25th and declared a state of emergency in the country after a month of tensions between the military establishment and the civilian components of the Government due to an alleged coup attempt last month.