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At Volkswagen the manual transmission has its days numbered | Digital Trends Spanish

Some think that it is an unnecessary anachronism, and others swear eternal fidelity, however the vast majority are completely indifferent. Viewed from any perspective, the end of manual transmission Not only is it clear on the horizon, it is approaching faster and faster.

One of the strongest evidence of the imminence of the end of manual gearboxes is in the fact that the Volkswagen Group, the world’s largest car manufacturer in number of sales, has already set an expiration date on the share of the transmission. manual on the new vehicle line of your flagship brand.

According to the German specialized automotive medium Auto Motor und Sport All new Volkswagen brand models introduced from 2023 onwards will be offered without a manual transmission as an option. This means that those models with manual transmission replaced by new models, from the third year of the current decade will not have a manual transmission.

The first victims of the inevitable move will be the next generation of the Tiguan compact crossover, and the updated version of the Passat, the brand’s popular midsize sedan. However, the GTI and Golf R sports cars, both derived from the eighth generation Volkswagen Golf introduced in late 2019, will continue to be offered with the manual transmission option well into the decade, and the Jetta compact sedan offered in the United States will likely also be offered. It will have the option of manual transmission until the end of its life cycle, which is expected to last beyond the middle of the decade.

It is hard to imagine how the disappearance of manual transmissions from the Volkswagen line would not affect the production of three-pedal vehicles from SEAT and Skoda, the other two makes of regular vehicles of the Volkswagen Group, whose lineups are made up of remodeled versions of the vehicles. main brand vehicles.

To keep this announcement in perspective it must be remembered that electric cars have no need for a transmission, no automatic, no CVT, much less manual. This means that no later than 2035, which is the furthest limit imposed by Volkswagen to stop producing vehicles with internal combustion engines, it would mark the absolute end of the production of manual transmissions for Volkswagen. Not long after this technology will come to join drum brakes and cassette players in the mausoleum of outdated automotive technologies.

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