Wednesday, September 27

Attacked the genital area of ​​another falla that showed a nude: “That the body is still a problem we have to look at it”

The monument of the Castielfabib-M.Sant Joan de València Fallas commission, which represents the body of a naked man, has been attacked in the early hours of this Saturday. The work of the fallera artist Anna Ruiz has dawned with damage to the genital area, as happened last Thursday with a monument that represented a naked woman. Specifically, the penis has been ripped out of the work, an action that has caused damage to the structure.

The Falla Castielfabib has reported that they found the damage during the night, when the fallera commission returned from making the traditional offering of flowers to the Virgen de los Desamparados.

“That the body is still a problem, we have to look at it,” Ruiz said in statements to Europa Press, where he considered that this attitude responds to a “minority group” and has opted to “reinforce education with respect to the human body” . The Fallera artist qualifies as “surprising” that events like these happen and has censured that “today sculptures are broken just for being naked”, while at the same time she has attributed it to a “retrograde mentality” and has wondered “where are we going ” as a society.

“The human body is not a shame”, underlined the fallera artist, who has learned of the damage to the Castielfabib-M.Sant Joan de València monument this Saturday when she was in a performance at the Lepanto-Guillem de Castro commission, where The other damaged monument was located, by the artists Mireia Pérez and Maite Morell. Ruiz has pointed out that this has been a “very powerful and significant” performance regarding what has happened.

After the attack on this commission, the Castielfabib failure indicated on its social networks that “vandalism like this cannot be allowed.” “The fallas are works of art and as such they must be treated”, he explained, while giving “a lot of encouragement to the friends” of Lepanto.