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Attention: science says why you should not urinate in the shower | Digital Trends Spanish

A recurring practice of many is to urinate in the shower, something that hygienically is not the most acceptable and that many also do to “save” on flushing water from the toilet.

However, there is an even more compelling reason why this practice is ill-advised and unhealthy in the long run.

Urogynecologist Dr. Teresa Irwin recently warned in TikTok that urinating in the shower could cause problems later, medically speaking.


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“You don’t want to do it all the time because what happens is that every time you hear the sound of running water, your bladder is going to want to urinate, because it’s used to hearing the sound of running water in the shower,” Dr. Irwin explained. on TikTok.

“So every time you wash your hands, you wash the dishes, your bladder is going to be salivating, so to speak, because it wants to go pee.”

Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas, a pelvic floor therapist who does call @thepelvicdanceflooron TikToksaid something similar to his followers.


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“If you pee in the shower or turn on the faucet, or turn on the shower and then sit on the toilet to pee while the water is running, you’re creating an association in your brain between the sound of running water and having to pee,” Jeffrey said. -Thomas.

“Combine that with pelvic floor dysfunction, either now or in the future, and that’s potentially going to lead to some leak issues when you hear running water outside of the shower.”

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