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Audiobooks in Spanish (and free!) That you will find on Amazon | Digital Trends Spanish

For reading fans, Amazon offers free audiobooks when you subscribe to the Audible plan trial period. Because you don’t necessarily have to read a book: you can listen to it too.

Taking advantage of the Hispanic Heritage Month that is coming up, check this list with the best audiobooks in Spanish that you can find on Amazon.

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As the name implies, audiobooks are recordings of books read aloud. Thanks to the possibilities offered by new technologies –such as the dissemination of content and innovations in the field of information and connectivity– its overcrowding has increased. Thanks to reading devices like a Kindle, you can listen to these types of files, but first you need to make sure that your device (if you have one) can “play” audios. Actually, most newer devices can do it, so the options are varied.

Love and Other Demons – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Written by winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez and published in 1994, Love and Other Demons tells the story of the desperate passion of a 36-year-old cleric, Cayetano Delaura, for Sierva María de Todos los Ángeles, a 12-year-old girl destined by her father to die in the confinement of a convent of Poor Clares because of the anger that she transmitted a dog on its 12th anniversary.

Thinking that she is possessed, Sierva María is taken to a convent to leave her for observation. Delaura bumps into her and treats her with holy water and then feels that something shocking will happen. The priest has fallen in love, and it won’t be long for Sierva María to feel the same way about him. Disturbing and indelible, Love and Other Demons it is an evocative and majestic tale of the most well-known universal experiences of a man and a woman.


Like water for Chocolate – Laura Esquivel

A completely charming plot, Like water for Chocolate was a sales phenomenon becoming best-seller due to their heartwarming romance and mixed emotions. The classic love story unfolds on the De la Garza Ranch, as the authoritative owner chops onions and prepares food during her last days of pregnancy.

Although still in her mother’s womb, the unborn daughter cries so intensely that it causes premature labor, and little Tita is born amidst the spices and ingredients of a noodle soup. This first encounter with food would soon become a way of life, and Tita will become a chef. Laura Esquivel conquered the world of literature by building a story that is based on the tradition of magical realism, is recreated in Mexican culture and that goes beyond all the above to become a universal novel.


I am not your perfect Mexican daughter – Erika L. Sánchez

Perfect Mexican daughters don’t go to college. And they don’t move out of their parents’ house after graduating from high school. Perfect Mexican daughters never leave their family, but Julia was not close to perfection, that was her sister, Olga, who did not go to college to stay home to take care of her parents, work part time and clean the house.

On the other hand, Julia was not part of this plan, she wanted to lead a different life, but life had another destiny prepared for her when her sister, while sending a text message while crossing the street, lost her life. Julia’s mother denies that she is not the perfect Mexican daughter her sister was, but Julia soon discovers that Olga may have had secrets. With the help of her best friend Lorena, Julia is determined to find out. Was Olga really what she seemed? Or was there something else to his sister’s story?


Juliet takes a deep breath – Gabby Rivera

Published by author Gabby Rivera in 2016, it tells the story of a girl named Juliet Milagros Parlante, a lesbian teenager who has come to live in New York’s Bronx. The plot of the book deals with the protagonist’s sexuality and her family history, mainly related to her close friends’ rejection of her sexual option.

The story takes a radical turn when the protagonist works with Harlowe Brisbane, a feminist with whom she will be able to decipher how it works to be a lesbian and a Puerto Rican in the United States, all in order to discover fulfillment and satisfaction with herself.


The short and wonderful life of Óscar Wao – Junot Diaz

This novel published in 2007 written by Junot Díaz –author born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the United States– has received several awards, such as the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2008 and other awards given by New York Magazine and Time magazines.

It touches on issues such as racism, identity and cultural acceptance in the times of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, a Dominican dictator who ruled from the 1930s until 1961, when he was assassinated. Within the novel you can find testimonies of various stories of characters, concentrated mainly from the years 1944 to 1995, with León Cabral as the main character, in the company of his entire family.


The sum of the days – Isabel Allende

This work written by the Chilean author Isabel Allende published officially in 2007 is a story written for her daughter Paula, who died very young due to the disease known as Porphyria.

The story tells stories of Allende’s personal life, focused on the “tribe” (family), where she tells her deceased daughter anecdotes about her life, her travels, experiences, stories with her husband, fears, childhood and all the maturing process and how he got the inspiration from his recent novels, many of them recognized as best-sellers on an international level.


The hidden story of Juan Luis Guerra – Darío Tejeda

The best audiobooks in Spanish on Amazon

Music is also present in our list of the best audiobooks you can find on Amazon, and this story tells the anecdotes of the life and formation of the musical career of Juan Luis Guerra, singer, musician, composer, businessman and original music producer from the Dominican Republic, which has managed to win several Grammys and international recognition. The book shows us the most human side of the artist, focusing mainly on unknown moments in his life, thus showing us the b-side of the musician.

The writer Darío Tejeda was in charge of recounting this biography, getting to know intimate aspects of the artist related to the different stages of his life (childhood, adolescence), in addition to his musical training and all the achievements and failures that he has lived in his 63 years of life.


The murmur of the bees – Sofia Segovia

This story published in 2015 by Mexican author Sofía Segovia tells a story that delves into the Mexican Revolution. The plot is about the Morales family’s assistant, who goes on a personal growth journey in which she finally decides to adopt a baby she found on this trip, who will accompany him for the rest of his life.

Family history changes radically with the arrival of Simonopio, who must face their fears, enemies and a social and political context that deepen the plot of this real-themed book.


Tell me who I am – Julia Navarro

This free audiobook available on Amazon is a story written by Julia Navarro, a journalist who is dedicated to investigating the story of her great-grandmother, a woman who had to live intensely most of the events that occurred in the 20th century.

The peculiar story begins with this woman abandoning her husband and son moments before the Spanish Civil War broke out. She lived four love stories with four men that significantly changed her life.


The archer’s path – Pablo Coelho

This story tells the adventures of Tetsuya, who was the best archer in his country but who, in the present, lives semi-isolated and retired in a valley, working as a carpenter, a life in a rather humble way for someone who had such fame. However, the story changes radically when another younger archer comes from afar to challenge him.

The main character accepts the challenge, teaching his rival in passing that skill and technique are not enough to win, but also require a rich internal evolution. Faced with Tetsuya’s wisdom, the young man asks him to be his disciple.


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