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Aurubis: recycling as a growth driver


With its activities in the copper sector, Aurubis has an efficient core business. After the implementation of the multi-metal approach in recent years, the focus of further growth ambitions is on recycling.

Broader base thanks to the multi-metal approach

Aurubis extracts metals with the highest levels of purity from concentrates and recycling raw materials. This primarily includes copper. Some of this is processed into wires, profiles and other preliminary products. The group has been in business for more than 150 years. He has many years of extensive expertise in the extraction, processing and reprocessing of complex metals and compounds. The company now wants to use this know-how even more and has therefore developed a multi-metal approach and implemented it in recent years.

In our opinion, this is a plausible strategy because it enables us to better utilize our own production facilities. In addition, new sales markets can be opened up and dependency on copper production can be reduced, thereby placing the business model on a broader and therefore more stable basis. With this strategy, Aurubis is now extracting additional raw materials from purchased raw materials such as metal concentrates and recycling materials. Examples of this are precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. But lead, nickel, tin, iron silicate, selenium, tellurium and sulfuric acid are now also part of the range.

Focus on sustainability

At its capital market day on December 6, 2021, the group presented the core elements of its new strategic roadmap in detail. This includes the explicit focus on the topic of sustainability. Aurubis is therefore striving to further expand its leading role in this area in the industry. In view of the energy-intensive business model, this is an ambitious goal, but one that we welcome. Also because it is not just about the implementation of more efficient processes in your own smelter network and the increasing use of new technologies (e.g. hydrogen).

As part of the further strategic course-setting (strengthening of the core business, multi-metal separation), expansion of production capacities will play an important role in the growth ambitions. The focus is on recycling systems. Currently under construction is a recycling plant in the USA for EUR 300 million. Aurubis is already playing a pioneering role in the recycling business and is thus banking on the global trend of increasing recycling rates and closed material cycles. This development is being promoted by the currently prevailing trends in areas such as electromobility, renewable energies and digitization. Sustainability aspects, but also raw materials that are sometimes only available to a limited extent, also increase the need for the reprocessing of the materials required for this due to the economic necessity. In this way, the rare raw materials can be made available to the market again and again in a circular manner. Aurubis also sees great opportunities in the field of battery recycling, which is why they want to position themselves here by building up capacities over the next 5 years.

We rate the strategic positioning of the past few years as expedient and see the Group in a good starting position, also due to the further setting of the course, in order to take advantage of the growth opportunities that arise. The company had achieved record results in the 2020/21 financial year (until the end of September). It would like to build on this in the current financial year despite a challenging environment with rising costs and energy prices.

Risks for further business development are macroeconomic and industry-specific fluctuations, which is why the business model continues to have a cyclical character despite the broader basis due to the multi-metal approach. This also applies against the background of the still high level of dependence on copper production. In addition, volatile raw material prices in purchasing and sales are factors that can lead to fluctuating earnings and profitability indicators. We see rising energy prices and negative exchange rates as further potential negative factors.

Product idea: Classic discount certificate on Aurubis

Discount certificates are an attractive alternative to direct investments in the share. A selection of corresponding products on the Aurubis AG base value is available to investors. One example is a discount certificate that is due on December 23, 2022 (repayment date) and is currently quoted at a discount of around 12% on the price of the Aurubis AG share. The investor does not receive any other income (e.g. dividends) and has no further claims from the underlying. The amount of the possible repayment is limited by the cap at EUR 84.00.

There are two ways to repay the certificate:
1. If the closing price of Aurubis AG on the XETRA Frankfurt stock exchange on December 16, 2022 (reference price) is at or above the cap, the investor receives the maximum amount of EUR 84.00.
2. If the reference price is below the cap, the investor receives a repayment amount that corresponds to the reference price multiplied by the subscription ratio (1.00). The investor suffers a loss if the redemption amount is less than the purchase price of the product.

A Complete loss of the capital employed is possible (Total loss risk). A Total loss occurs, if the reference price is zero is. A Total loss of the capital employed also possible if DZ BANK as the issuer can no longer meet its obligations under the certificate due to official orders or insolvency (insolvency / overindebtedness).

The discount certificate described here is aimed at investors who have an investment horizon until December 23, 2022 and assume that the Aurubis AG base value will be at or above EUR 84 on December 16, 2022.

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