Monday, March 20

Authorities and producers review bean production costs

Experts from the institutions of the agricultural sector in the province of Chiriquí, met with representatives of the main farmers’ associations, to review bean production costs, mainly of the Vigna species (chiricano beans) and Phaseolus (beans), which are mostly grown in this area.

The cost of production is a valuable tool that producers have to project and organize everything related to the crop, estimating yields and production, to cover the investment and obtain profitability.

The main bean producing areas nationwide are located in Chiriquí, with Renacimiento and Bugaba standing out in the production of beans; Alanje, Barú and David, in the production of chiricano beans.

The meeting took place in the conference room of the Agricultural Research Institute of Panama (Idiap) in David, where the presence of the national director of agriculture of the Ministry of Agricultural Development, Reynaldo Solís and the president of the new association of producers of rice and basic grains of Chiriquí, Gabriel Arauz; who acted as facilitators, highlights the press release of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida).