Sunday, November 28

Authorities of Panama and Cuba monitor the progress of scholarship students

A meeting to get to know the status of Panamanian students in Cuba and the possibility that more students have the opportunity to study undergraduate, graduate and master’s degrees in the sister country, said the highest authorities of the Institute for the Training and Use of Human Resources (Ifarhu) and an important delegation headed by the ambassador of Cuba in Panama, Lydia González Navarro.

Along with the Cuban ambassador was the First Deputy Minister of the Cuban Ministry of Education, Miriam Alpízar Santana, the commercial attaché, Mabel Lara and the rector of the University of Havana, Miriam Nicado, who showed their interest in the exchange of academic knowledge between Cuba and Panama.

The general director of Ifarhu, Bernardo Meneses and the secretary general, Ileana Molo, explained to the Cuban authorities the mechanisms that the Institution has to collaborate in the teaching-learning process of Panamanian students through the granting of scholarships and educational loans.

Both delegations were pleased by the cultural exchange that Panamanian students experience in Cuba and the opportunity offered to them to acquire knowledge in professional areas that they will later put into practice in our country.

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