Tuesday, October 19

Ayuso, a trumpist torpedo to La Moncloa

From time to time, and with increasing frequency, leaders who pose a danger to society creep into democracy. Confirmed in consequences. This is what happened with Donald Trump in the United States, who has changed the course of politics in his country. A pure bluff raised in the media scenarios – television above all – that responds to any synonym of the concept: deception, appearance, bravado, boasting, lies, and cheating above all. With authoritarian tendencies, ultra-capitalist voracity and zero social empathy. The Trump model spreads. This is what the prestigious North American columnist Frida Ghitis thinks, who believes that this “infection”, as she calls it, is damaging democracy. Spain, of course, is lethargic at the launch of the torpedo Isabel Díaz Ayuso towards La Moncloa.

In all cases, it is against logic and the common good. And, in its varying degrees, it can go to high-risk extremes as did Trump. Spotting it is the most effective way to anticipate it.

A book titled Peril (Danger) authored by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. The mythical Watergate journalist and his Washington Post colleague say that the president of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, thought Trump was crazy, with China in the spotlight, and the measures he opposed to control their excesses. The Republican Party asks for his head accusing him of high treason. Journalist Guillermo Fesser provides more details.

Spain registers interesting movements in its polarization. The Government finally reacts to challenges such as the price of electricity or the minimum wage. They fight for power in the PP with Ayuso winning by a landslide. And the press, as a determining factor in its favor. Pablo Casado, lost, directs a PP that abstains from the European Parliament’s proposal to classify gender-based violence as a “Eurocrime” equated with terrorism, with Deputy Isabel Benjumea voting against as Vox and the entire European extreme right. It is the day that sexist violence kills two more women in Spain. And at the same time the PP votes against another resolution so that LGTBI couples have the same rights recognized in all EU member countries. At a critical moment, when Hungary and Poland violently legislate against them.

Díaz Ayuso, without any complex, raises meanwhile modify LGTBI and gender violence laws of Madrid as requested by the extreme right to which it needs to govern. And he declares in the Assembly that homophobia “is only in the head of the left.” Enter congratulations to your management. A PP increasingly heeled to the right embraces the extreme right net with Ayuso in full national and international launch. As a flag, the provocation, the fake news and the populist occurrences that triumph in the society of the spectacle, as Trump did. Indispensable to achieve the role of the media. Do you remember the beginnings of the tycoon who came to the White House and left at the polls and with his faithful storming the Capitol? Les Moonves, president and CEO of CBS said in 2016: “Donald Trump may not be good for the United States but he is a blessing for televisions.” And he is still in office. Here they serve Ayuso and the astracanadas of Vox.

Let’s review. Ayuso receives an award in Milan for his management of the pandemic, they explain. The Bruno Leoni Institute that rewards Díaz Ayuso is a ‘think tank’ of neoliberalism that promotes the reduction of “the State” – of public services – in Europe. They have been given it for successful management in the pandemic. Namely: a 40% more increase in mortality in Madrid compared to 17% of the Spanish average and more than 5,000 elderly people died without medical attention after the protocols signed by their government. Now Ayuso is preparing an “official” trip to the United States to coincide with the Popular Party Convention called by Pablo Casado, although he says he will try to adjust his agendas here and there to make an appearance.

What their promotion agencies seem, more than news media, meanwhile tell us that Ayuso appears spectacular in Milan with ten kilos less. On the ultra-liberal catwalk? And spectacular is also the one received in a University, In San Pablo CEU where they form Ayusos and Casados. What’s more, Ayuso returns freedom to the hospitality industry.

Meanwhile, workers at Zendal Hospital are beginning to return to their previous jobs. Dismantled, therefore, one of Ayuso’s propaganda milestones. After having spent 153 million euros of public money on it, tripling the initial budget, and giving business to the main construction companies. And Telemadrid is turned into a sanctuary of praise to his person. At this level of impudence. And in the middle of a silence … thunderous.

The truth is that the interested launch of the media right has the essential support of much of the remaining press, radio and television and social networks. Because Ayuso says … and everyone publishes it. And it does, it does without stopping and it does not take its toll. Even scandalized progressives help spread his fame. There will be even those who amuse him to let go, when a girl complains about the lack of light in the Cañada Real, that she “does not manage feelings.” No, precisely not. They are managed by their promoters, especially emotions, in the strictest orthodoxy of manipulation. She is characterized by that absolute lack of social empathy, as she tragically demonstrated also with the elderly in geriatrics. Hence the suit trumpist It fits you perfectly, saving distances.

Those outside of Madrid who are fed up with Ayuso should anticipate that he is preparing to reach the Government of Spain. With these fixed mechanisms of advertising support: praise your figure as if it were a rock star, keep it every day, at all hours, current, hide your damage, attack your political rivals. To the coalition government, as Ayuso did during the pandemic, carving out this career.

The measures to lower the electricity bill are described in the main covers of Hit, ax, slam to the electrics. Nor have they liked that Vice President Yolanda Díaz has finally managed to get the Government to raise the minimum wage: 15 euros per month. The Spanish SMI was traditionally one of the lowest in the EU at our level. They announce economic cataclysms. And the interview with Vice President Yolanda Díaz is highlighted in various media for the questions about communism and what they call social-communist government. It must be heard, however.

Too many in favor of the same idea, of the same direction. Journalists, politicians, businessmen, judges “governed” even with their decisions on the health of citizens and in a hurry to overcome our disastrous past. The government’s reaction is even an encouragement to dream that this situation could be reversed. So it should be in logic in view of the facts.

For this time, the CIS survey that indicates a rise in the PSOE and Unidos Podemos and a notable decrease in the PP in crisis, seems more accurate and credible than those that seem designed by many media to support its editorial line. But we must foresee that the banal society will follow the dictates of the idols that they propose to it. Some as demonstrably dangerous as Donald Trump.