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Ayuso accuses Pedro Sánchez of attempting a “pucherazo” before the applause of Feijóo “as one more affiliate”

Dj Pulpo animated the party that dozens of young (and not so young) militants of the PP in Madrid have celebrated this Friday afternoon in the ‘hall’ of the Municipal Palace of Congresses in the capital. Beers at 3.95, music at disco decibels, insults to the opponents in the elections on Sunday and an overflowing joy for the subsequent closing of the Isabel Díaz Ayuso campaign. It was also for the party’s candidate for mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the national leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who has come accompanied by his wife. The Galician has demanded the vote for the PP, and especially for Ayuso, as a formula to promote his own assault on Moncloa next December.

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The two candidates have greeted those attending the event for many minutes. A little less than 2,000 people have filled the auditorium of the municipal compound, in whose surroundings the party had started several hours before. In the PP, no one doubts not only Ayuso’s victory, but also his options to recover the absolute majority. The last time he succeeded in the region, the party was chaired by Esperanza Aguirre. It was 2011, the 15M camp was in its second week at Puerta del Sol and the PP swept all of Spain in anticipation of the overwhelming victory of Mariano Rajoy in the general elections at the end of that year.

History, cyclical, repeats itself this 2023. At least on paper. But this Sunday’s elections are far from providing a result as clear as that of 12 years ago. Except in some places. And the Community of Madrid is one of them. So much so that even the conservative British newspaper ‘The Times’ has placed her first in line to take over from Feijóo if things do not go well in December.

But, for now, Feijóo is the candidate. Although the state speech at night was given by Ayuso, who has directly accused the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, of wanting to steal the elections. Before her, the entire staff of the PP: from Feijóo to Elías Bendodo through Borja Sémper, Miguel Tellado, Carmen Fúnez and Pedro Rollán.

Before all of them and their applause, Ayuso has accused Pedro Sánchez of wanting to steal the elections. “Sánchez is going to leave as he arrived, with an attempted pout,” he said, referring to the vote-buying complaints in recent days. “But he’s not going to get it,” he added. The direct accusation of the President of the Government has come after a long session of greetings and thanks in which he has cited both the national leaders in the auditorium, as well as the regional and local ones. In addition, he has mentioned José María Aznar, Mariano Rajoy and Esperanza Aguirre, who has received an ovation from the public.

Despite presenting himself to the Community of Madrid, Ayuso has started with a direct attack on the Government and its president. In 2021, the ‘leader’ used the pandemic and social anger against the restrictive measures of the Executive as a lever. Two years later, faced with the challenge of repeating a very complicated result, he has tried to recover this trick: “They are not going to lock us up again or turn off or control,” he said. “And this will never be free again, neither illegally nor with an excuse like the pandemic,” he added.

Ayuso has even accused the PSOE of “exchanging ballots for slips”, in reference to suspicions of buying votes in Albudeite, a small town in Murcia. He has not said anything about Melilla.

The candidate has tried an aggregation speech: “They are not going to confront us with our trusted supermarket. They are not going to use their fake feminism. They are not going to try, because they are not going to succeed, to manipulate homosexuals, women, old and young, victimizing them. Facing them, isolating them to use them as a throwing weapon and then abandoning them. “Identities are over,” she has maintained.

Ayuso has criticized abortion and euthanasia (“the one who wants to live from the moment it is conceived until the last breath”) and has said that Madrid is “the region with the highest life expectancy in the world”. A place, he added, where “the elderly will be able to choose whether they want to spend their days in magnificent residences, or at home”.

In the Community of Madrid, 7,690 users of residences died between March and May 2020, but the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has not initiated any proceedings for “verified” events during those months. The one who was counselor of Social Services during the pandemic, Alberto Reyero, has pointed out on multiple occasions to a political decision by Ayuso the prohibition of transferring the elderly affected by Covid19 from residences to hospitals.

“We are the most stable government in Spain,” she concluded, despite the fact that she began in 2019 with Ciudadanos sharing the Executive branch with her, called elections two years later and has only approved a few budgets throughout her term.

“Let’s go out and vote en masse to get around the traps. They want us weak, impoverished and confronted. Let’s go out and celebrate that we are a great, supportive, joyful and generous nation. That it cannot be bought or transformed without the whole of the Spanish ”, has concluded her speech, which is not the president of the central government, but of Madrid.

Feijóo: “One more affiliate”

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has closed the event with a speech in which he has given his support to the “messages” that the regional candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has delivered in recent weeks. Including today, when the president has directly accused the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, of trying to steal the elections.

Feijóo has assured from the stage: “Isabel has carried out the electoral campaign that she has considered appropriate, with the messages that she has considered appropriate and in the places that she has estimated. And I have joined this campaign as one more affiliate”.

“I have come to ask the vote of the majority of Spaniards who have been stunned by the issues that have marked the electoral campaign,” he stated, to appeal to “the majority embarrassed by the image that our country has given in recent days ”. “I ask for a clear vote. We are going to vote clearly in all places in Spain ”, he added. And he has insisted, in a tone close to shouting: “To vote en masse against those who want to deceive us, those who cheat us, in favor of freedom. Quietly, each one what they want, but to vote ”.

Feijóo has reiterated his message of support for Ayuso: “He has exercised his duty freely. I’m going to explain it, because he is worth it. I hear in this campaign opinions about what Ayuso says. And what do you have to say? It is a traditional question in the morning. At first I was surprised, now I have a good time. When they don’t tell me what I think, it’s because Ayuso is not in shape. And I like that he is in shape ”.“

I don’t know what party they think of when they talk like that. But in the PP there is an opinion, there is talk, there is free debate. We are not a sect, we are a team. In the 21st century, a woman speaks for herself, she thinks what she deems appropriate, she says what she wants. I want my president to be Isabel Díaz Ayuso “, she has finished.

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